Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally 18!

oh wow...finally! can you believe it?? i've been waiting to turn this age since forever! back then i've had so many plans for myself (refuse to list them down simply because it's endless).now that i'm finally 18,the irony of it is the " what?" state of sucks big time.the fact that i might or might not have a celebration at all this year,the cancelled band practice,and the possibility of SPM results coming out today on my special day bothers me and puts me into an insomniac state.i seem to be wide awake for hours,until probably almost what seemed like the break of dawn.however,everything took a 180-degree starting with the little family lunch i had to celebrate me turning 18 and my brother turning 22.our birthday celebrations had been combined ever since we were babies,for our birthdays are only 7 days apart.we then went on a little shopping trip where by half of my wishlist (even the ones back when i was 16) were half-fulfilled.

yes those ARE what you think they are.a meal of Ayam Penyet in Sari Ratu,
Green Day DVD + tshirt,Mika tshirt and Marks&Spencer black jeans and purple shirt.
Bliss :')

That was the matter of what happened BEFORE my for today,as expected,i knew my FB wall was going to be flooded with dozens of birthday wishes.and the culprit?FB birthday notification on the side bar.i knew it! so i joked with everyone saying that i wanted to deactivate my FB account temporarily due to Barrack Obama's birthday.LOL~ truthfully,i couldn't bear the amount of FB notifications popping up every really did happen,but i couldn't avoid's blessing actually :) i love you guys so much! i just had to save some of them in my be perfectly honest,there were too many unique birthday wishes,but thus far,Aniq's wish was the one that made me most astonished among all.

see what i mean?? 

Also,not to forget the sweet birthday wish from my dear boyfie :')  a special blog post by Nisa Bee in dedication to me,which can be read here  and Anwar's guitar cover dedicated to me which can be viewed here  

and my birthday has yet to begin! let's see what tomorrow brings me :) i have a gut feeling that this will be the greatest birthday ever!

p/s: i had this really cool dream after watching the Green Day 21st century Breakdown tour DVD. Billie Joe ,as usual,was looking for volunteers to play a 2-minute set with him.when he was looking for a guitarist,i threw a guitar pick at him from the mosh pit i was in,that caught his attention and he called me up on stage,addressing me as 'The Little Lady with The Hoody".funny how he mistook my hijab for a hoodie.he's super friendly.i only got a hug from him and managed to play 'American Idiot' before i was awoken from the best dream ever -_- 

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