Saturday, April 16, 2011


so i've been hearing the same old questions repeatedly,it's making me sick.i don't intend to waste my daily spoken word limit (yes,research has proven human beings have such things) answering them.that's why i decided to post this up.among the questions are:

1.what are you doing now in life?
I'm in Taylor's University Lakeside,taking up Foundation In Computing.later on I'll be enrolling in the Computer Science Degree.

2.Why did you choose a private institution over a government one?
Because i'm not willing to waste my life waiting and eventually be sent to pursue an area of my least preference in a college of my,my brother's in the same uni as I am and the uni is only half an hour away,we'll be able to cut down on transportation and accommodation's more convenient than staying in a hostel.

3.why did you choose computing?isn't that too easy for a pure science stream student?
you seriously have no idea how hard it's more complex than it spite of my knowledge in Chemistry and such,my interest is more to computing,and the fundamentals include stuff i learned by being a science stream student.additional maths is being applied in most of our programming subjects,it's not a walk in the park's way tougher than just turning on the computer and building a website using HTML generators or cracking softwares using keygens.we go far beyond that.there's no issue of this course being 'too easy'.we learn to hack,ethically.

4.why didn't you apply for oversea universities?
first of all my results are average,and secondly,my mom doesn't believe i'm ready,also she had concrete reasons why i shouldn't,in her are never sufficient,she'll end up having to sponsor my needs when i'm abroad.being a family with no other income but what's left of my late dad's savings,i doubt we can afford that.'s your band?
we're doing great,we might be slowing down to concentrate on uni,but that doesn't mean our music's's developing.we haven't gotten any performances or any recorded tracks just yet,but we're getting to that soon.i'm still working on new stuff and new strategies.expect to hear more from us.

6.why the sudden break up?
truthfully i'm too selfish to share my life with anyone.i'm always too busy with my music and friends,and now i'm busy with uni.i don't like disappointing my other half,so before it gets too deep,i backed out.maybe i'm not ready.and we just don't have chemistry.i don't like changing people as much as i dislike being changed into something i'm not.why try?some things never change.and no,it's not because of a third party.i'm loyal,so was he.i'm not planning to let anyone else into my life at the moment,sorry,not interested.i even made a bet with Nizar about being single till foundation is over.

7.are you currently crushing on someone?
i wouldn't say so.i do find a few guys to be cute,but that's hearty emotions stays there and dies like fire in the wind.

p/s: i'll keep updating this from time to time.

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