Friday, November 13, 2009

all MIKA!


as promised,here it is boys and girls,a post dedicated to Mika only! a few days ago while i was in malacca,i managed to find a copy of The Boy Who Knew Too Much with a free Mika tote bag! you can't imagine how happy i was to finally found it! although i've heard the songs before,listening on the album makes it much more exciting and gave me a more justified right to write my own review.
first of all,here's the official album cover:

so these are my oppinions on the songs (in track listing accord):

1. "We Are Golden" Mika 3:58
-this song is really common now that the video has been's about teenage anxiety and not giving up to peer pressure (pretty much the similar subject and theme as compared to the song i wrote called '7 Days').the lyrics are really meaningful and spoke louder than the rest of the songs.upbeat tempo,not too fast yet not too slow.not a typical pop song but indeed a soulful track.

2. "Blame It On The Girls" Mika 3:33
-a really unique song that makes you turn your head in spite of not knowing the original singer.either you like it or not,it makes you wonder about all aspects of the song.its mainly about a guy who has everything but is never thankful,when listened carefully.he blames on everyone but himself regarding the emptiness he feels in his's a fun and funny broadway song that won't keep you still.

3. "Rain" Mika, Jodi Marr 3:43
-the original version was slow and more to ballad but to our surprise,mika's music techs decided to modify this song into a dance number,which I think is nothing but brilliant! the video is abstract and artistic although it doesn't make much of a sense.the original storyline of the song is about peer pressure and conflicts with friends as well,but in a more intense situation.nicely done!

4. "Dr John" Mika 3:44
-to be honest,i always skip this song,LOL.but for the sake of my passion in Mika's music,i listen to it to the very end.not much of a fan of the melody and arrangements but indeed,the subject matter that becomes the theme of the song is definitely intriguing!

5. "I See You" Mika, Walter Afanasieff 4:16
-i swear the water works were triggered by the sound of the intro.powerful piano score that sways your emotions.the notes,the lyrics,the 'stalking a girl you love' kind of thing.really heart-wrenching,need i say more?i have a strong feeling that this single will be BIG,especially after its appearance as one of the soundtracks on a popular TV series,Gossip Girl.killer song,haunting you all the way just like Evanescence's "My Immortal".

6. "Blue Eyes" Mika 2:50
-catchy tune,nothing could be simpler yet sweet.the a'la hawaii-jamaican arrangement makes you sing your way thoughout the song although it seems as though this will be your least favourite track on the album.never trust first impressions.

7. "Good Gone Girl" Mika, Jodi Marr 3:01
-as usual,mika and fairy-tale songs have never been into a fight,LOL.typical british pop music but not as typical as you have imagined.the tune will make you take off from your seat.

8. "Touches You" Mika 3:19
- my undoubted favourite! doesn't only make you dance,it also makes you sing along and clap until you have that little ticklish feeling within you.very interesting how the arrangement of this song can be stuck in your head for quite awhile! listening to the intro alone gives you the early impression that this song is really something.simple topic,but i personally love it! the chorus is really catchy compared to the rest of the songs.

9. "By the Time" Mika, Imogen Heap 3:21
-imogen heap and mika share similar brilliance in music production.they blend well,the music is all calming and their collaboration makes an excellent musical blend.more like a lullaby rather than a ballad or a pop song and that doesn't bother me a bit! one warning,never make it your alarm tone,because this song will sing you back to your sleep.

10. "One Foot Boy" Mika, Rob Davis 2:58
-LOL,it reminds me of video games! i don't know why.cute song but i still have troubles understanding the song.ONE FOOT BOY? is he whining about his height?what's to whine for,he's approx 6'1" gosh! LOL.

11. "Toy Boy" Mika, Jodi Marr 2:58
-another one of his songs with a brilliant sounds like one of the songs form a classic disney movie,probably some cartoon fairy tale.just like Lollipop from his previous album,this song has a cheerful melody to contradict the actual dark it!another masterpiece.

12. "Pick Up Off the Floor" Mika
-tragic break up song,really suitable for musicals.sounds a bit jazzy,but still Mika-ish if you know what i mean.also not much of my cup of tea,yet,this song is still a work of art.

overall: this whole album tells a story about teenhood,the stereotypes,the emotions,everything you need to know or have already known.stronger theme and melody in comparison to Life In Cartoon Motion.the songs are more matured in a way.well done meeks! i'm giving you 5/5 for this! now please come to malaysia for the asian tour ;p.

p/s: mix fm is having a contest offering the grand prize winner an all-expense paid trip to hongkong to catch mika live! so i'm giving it a shot.let's see if i'm lucky enough...

i see you..yes,you.

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