Friday, November 20, 2009

last bow

Never Can Say Good Bye

i can't believe's happening again for the fourth time in my life,moving out of my house.i thought once my late dad resigned,i don't have to go through any of this anymore but i was wrong.God loved him more and now we have no choice but to leave our own humble home for safety's sake.this is even sadder than the other moves we had to make considering i'm old enough to have a sense of belonging and my friends are nothing but incredible! i mean,when i left kulai,i left with a smile because my stay had been's different with Muar.i lived here for 7 years now.i practicly had both my childhood AND teenhod here.i even found my first true friends and first love's hard to say good bye,and one of the hardest things to do is breaking the news to my friends.i decided to do so after our exams so as to not bother them.i think it was a little too made them feel like i'm leaving a little too soon.i know God does everything for a cause,yet i'm still finding He's purpose for testing me in such a way.this year,which would've been the best year in my life,turned to be the other way,when i broke the news to them,i noticed how they started to slightly ignore me and act all weird.i seriously thought they wanted to avoid me so that they'll feel less painful once i'm gone.again,my perceptions were misled.two days ago,my mom told me not to have my usual afternoon nap since she promised my neighbour that we'd pay her a visit before we i agreed and got dressed up.unfortunately,my neighbour wasn't in and there was this monitor lizard lying in the middle of the road as we were on our way to her we had no choice but to sit at some park near our house.awkwardly my mom procrastinated when i told her my friends might have arrived already (we were planning a hangout at my house).also,she was too occupied with her phone to even bother what i was talking to her after 45mins (approx) we finally walked home and as expected,the guests were here! but there was another weird thing,wtf there's a banner!! all of them were talking among eachother and i crept behind them,eventually whispering 'hey,what's all these?'
they jumped in shock and shouted HIIIII instead of SURPRISE! that was funny but STILL!! i was too simple-minded to suspect that.hahaha! but it was all fun!

here are a few shots of their long-term preparation,credits to my Double E!

shu wan and yenny mcMenny at mcD,getting food for the surprise farewell party.

jemima hanging her artwork banner for the party.i personally love it! and jems,YES YOU ARE INDEED AN ARTIST! :D

the surprise crew..

me with yenny,shu wan,double e and jems.

my Malay besties ;) too bad adah couldn't join us.

the girls really went all out.they pooled money to get food and even this ice cream cake! i admit,i'm pretty much a noob,i was confused on how to properly cut the cake equally to distribute to everyone.FML!

the party was fab!everyone had fun and got a little emotional,yet still undercontrol.

last day of school was the most emotional day for both my friends and i.imagine finally having to part with eachother after 7 long years! they gave me gifts as a token of remembrance and wrote a few notes.i couldn't read them all,they're just a little too saddening and depressing to think of.

to be continued..

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