Friday, July 23, 2010

When Dreams and Reality Collide

i need a dream catcher,the similar one that Jijie gave to me on my 15th birthday,one that's fully-functional.why?

lately,there has been a strange chain of dreams among my friends,and the funniest thing is,the dreams are all connected to one another and somewhat signifies some sort of hidden meaning.all the dreams have one thing in common,me.i want this to end because it seemed to have gotten out of hand.

on the first night of this strange chain,Ily dreamed that all of us were adults and we attended an alumnae.Jared came but the chemistry between me and him is not as strong as before.we greeted each other with fake smiles and barely even say a word.and the oddest part is,Jared came to my new house and carved this phrase on my concrete wall "I Miss You,Buddy".a little strange to be perfectly honest.we seemed to have been into a conflict that lasted for years to the extent where the both of us refused to speak to each other.

and you wanna know what the ironic outcome is?in reality,a few days later,i did get into a conflict with Jared and we haven't spoken to each other for a couple of days already.

on the second night of all things bizarre,Deila dreamed that Marco and I came running from our respective classes and embraced each other in front of the hallway leading to my class.the rest were shocked,but then they knew,in the dream,that Marco and I were already an item.above all ironies,why did deila dream of us?why wasn't it my dream instead?

so..all the dreams had me in them,and one of them had became a reality.what about the second one?what will it be?i know it's ridiculous to believe all these as it might be just another one of those coincidences,but hey.if you were in my shoes,you would get freaked out too.for now,i'm not gonna jump into any conclusions.the future will unfold itself soon and whatever it is,i'll be ready for it.

btw,I WASN'T CHOSEN FOR PLKN! jyeahh! hello post-SPM plans! :DD

-how long will the conflict last?only time will tell.

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