Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boyfriend vs Guyfriend vs Girlfriend vs Bestfriend

heyya folks...first and foremost,i've been too occupied to update due to the many things on my to-do list that needs to be fulfilled within a period of time.i'm so glad that my obligations are done,well for now.let us all give a big hand and throw flower petals at my cousin,kak Qilah for her wedding day! BIG congrats from me :D can we get an "awwww" from the audience?! LOL.can't help but staring at this lovely couple thinking "when will it be my turn?".i know it's highly inappropriate for girls my age,or isn't it?may God bless the bride and groom always :)

moving on,as i promised some of my twitter followers,i shall elaborate more on the difference between guyfriend and boyfriend,and a little extra details on girlfriend and bestfriend as far as i'm concerned,all of the above have the word 'friend' in them,indicating that they are people who are close to us in spite of not being blood-related.they're equally as important as our family members are to keep our feet on the ground at all times,especially when we're away from home and the only people we can depend on are them.however,each and every one of them play slightly different roles in our life.let's see to it one by one.


upon hearing this very word,i'm more than sure that most girls,especially the single ones,will notice that their hearts skip a beat.a boyfriend is a guy lover,usually the one who makes an effort to make the first move but nowadays,they sometimes are the one to respond instead of act what do boyfriends do?generally,they dedicate themselves to the girl whom they love,it doesn't matter whether or not they shower the girl with gifts and such,as long as they care about them and love them whole-heartedly.they're special and they have their own spot in their girls' hearts.however,sometimes,some girlfriends can't afford to open up about everything to their respective boyfriends due to their own issues.this doesn't mean a boyfriend doesn't deserve to know each and every inch about their girlfriends,it's just that,lovers need space too.just like the self-explanatory saying 'distance makes the heart fonder'.when words fail,this is when guyfriends come into the scene.


guyfriends are technically girlfriends with balls,haha.they are your shoulder to cry on,they are close to you,they are your soulmate but they're not as special as boyfriends.they do mean a lot though,just like a brotherly figure.they share their laughter and tears,all in open up to them more freely and sometimes you'd prefer telling them your problems rather than going up to your girlfriends.they're sincere,loyal and love them a lot and you never want to lose them,EVER.i have these kind of friends,quite a dozen of them and i love them all equally just like my own brothers.even though you're in a specific relationship,it's never a sin to hang out with your guyfriends once in awhile,after all,it's not like you're cheating on your other just wanna have fun and increase your social circle.that's all.

i guess i've explained myself enough.a relationship shouldn't ruin any friendship in one way or should instead be something to smile about each day,not something to be thought as a burden of.lay off the clingy and be more open-minded,alright y'all?till then.

"Talk is cheap,Lies are expensive" -Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

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