Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jika hidup harus berputar,biarlah berputar

Translated,the lyrics mean "If life must go on, so it shall." It's a snippet of the lyrics from my favorite Indonesian band Sheila On 7's song "Sekali Lagi "(One More Time). Very apt, a song that's both sad and uplifting at the same time. I haven't been able to stop listening to it as of yet ,simply because of how much I can relate to it. This year had been very turbulent in so many ways. So many ups and downs,so many walk-ins and walk-outs, so many new friends gained and friends I've lost. It's a year full of lessons, a year unlike any other. I've had a fair share of laughter and tears,and when I looked back at all these photos to see how much has changed since, it's overwhelming. It's not even been a year and yet, I can say I miss these people quite terribly. A lot of firsthand experiences, a lot of heartbreaks,a lot of success. These aren't in any particular order, every moment is just as special as the other <3

These were the moments I've had with my Music Club extended family.
Top left : That memorable rooftop pizza feast and acoustic jam at Ron's during Chinese New Year :') 
Top right: Michelle Thomas' surprise birthday party organized by her bf Adam Wasabi (also my brother from another mother) in Spaghetti Grill,Paradigm Mall
Bottom left: Jessie's farewell party and 21st birthday celebration
Bottom right :  Mahirah's return from down under :)) karaoke and lunch session,in spite of my busy assignment season.

My first prom, my first dance :)) and my first time performing as a bassist. p/s: Julius is just a friend lol.

My trip back to Muar to visit my childhood buddies :)) the troubles I've gotten myself into with Jemima when we missed our bus and LRT on our way,the hospitality shown by my Double E and Yenny when we're in Muar,not to mention Celine our faithful tour guide.

Being lucky enough to meet Chester See, David Choi and Jason Chen during the IM4U ReachOut event on campus :)) also I bumped into Marianne Tan (from JinnyBoy's videos,in case you were wondering) and the adorable miss Sazzy Falak.

My first laser tag experience with my boys :
The Nesh triplets came in top three,followed by Benny,me and Mirza ( a new friend). Good to be one of the boys sometimes :))

The second couple I've successfully matchmade :)) my current bestfriends Rachel and TK.I haven't known them for long,but what matter the most is how much they've been there for me. I can see them at my front porch,having tea with me (and hopefully my significant other,or cat haha). The kind of friends I hope to grow old together with :') Love you guys.

Reunions with the high school gang :)) 

Not to mention, my own Music Club extended family :))

More reunions with the childhood besties :))

My first BurgerLab experience with my Socit besties :))
Angyu,Yen,Khanna and Leon

Of course random lunches with my SLC family,yup ! The House of Vorosmarthy we'd call it.

I got lucky enough to get VIP passes to Hitz invasion as well thanks to Ash, so I decided to share my good fortune with my good friends Benny,Nesh, and Nicholas.Well the passes were meant for two,but I had my ways hehe. VIP treatment,free food, good view of the stage, and of course, my first ever rave experience! Personally loved the neon cube chairs <3

God lent me a furry companion for 4 months.. Scotty :)) the most well-mannered,loyal cat I've ever met. I hope you know you're loved,I may have physically lost you, but you're in a better place now,and to me,you live on in my heart <3

Rachel's surprise birthday party by the SLC family - Amanda was the mastermind!

My open house attended by my classmates, highschool besties and my Music Club family <3 

And not to forget, the trip to Genting Highlands with my Gossip Girls sisters <3  6 years of friendship and still counting.

Let's not forget... the day I got really lucky,so I invited him along.

It was a magical night,and I realized he wasn't just a friend to me. 

And we went for a movie the next day. Thor - the Dark World.

But sadly things weren't meant to be,funny how the world works sometimes.I just hope things will look up in 2014.

Here's to no regrets,no what if's,and to all the why nots :))

Happy New Year !

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