Sunday, August 17, 2008

Project 93 part 2

Hi guys,it's me again.just taking this few minutes to announce that 'Project 93' will be needing a band of talented musicians comprising of a guitarist,bassist,drummer,keyboardist,vocalist,percussionist or whatever the band can get.Members MUST be able to do the following:
-play at least one musical instrument,either technically or by ear (preferably technical)
-willing to work as a team
-willing to give out ideas actively
-committed to the band
-willing to be bossed around by the composer (ok,i'm kidding with this one :P)
-loves all kinds of music despite the genre

Bonus point are as follows:
-good public relation skills
-talented in song lyric writing
-good fashion sense (haha..not necessarily..just messing with you guys)

If you think you've got what it takes,leave me a message or comment this post with your personal details (your a/s/l,your talent,your bonus points) and the mandatory statement of 'why do you want to be in the band'? Please be reminded that this is NOT only a rock band,this is a band of musicians for the composition of songs.'Project 93' will only turn into a band with the agreement of all band members.

Demos will be uploaded soon.Keep a look out for it in one of the upcoming posts.

catcha later toots..