Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boyfriend vs Guyfriend vs Girlfriend vs Bestfriend

heyya folks...first and foremost,i've been too occupied to update due to the many things on my to-do list that needs to be fulfilled within a period of time.i'm so glad that my obligations are done,well for now.let us all give a big hand and throw flower petals at my cousin,kak Qilah for her wedding day! BIG congrats from me :D can we get an "awwww" from the audience?! LOL.can't help but staring at this lovely couple thinking "when will it be my turn?".i know it's highly inappropriate for girls my age,or isn't it?may God bless the bride and groom always :)

moving on,as i promised some of my twitter followers,i shall elaborate more on the difference between guyfriend and boyfriend,and a little extra details on girlfriend and bestfriend as far as i'm concerned,all of the above have the word 'friend' in them,indicating that they are people who are close to us in spite of not being blood-related.they're equally as important as our family members are to keep our feet on the ground at all times,especially when we're away from home and the only people we can depend on are them.however,each and every one of them play slightly different roles in our life.let's see to it one by one.


upon hearing this very word,i'm more than sure that most girls,especially the single ones,will notice that their hearts skip a beat.a boyfriend is a guy lover,usually the one who makes an effort to make the first move but nowadays,they sometimes are the one to respond instead of act what do boyfriends do?generally,they dedicate themselves to the girl whom they love,it doesn't matter whether or not they shower the girl with gifts and such,as long as they care about them and love them whole-heartedly.they're special and they have their own spot in their girls' hearts.however,sometimes,some girlfriends can't afford to open up about everything to their respective boyfriends due to their own issues.this doesn't mean a boyfriend doesn't deserve to know each and every inch about their girlfriends,it's just that,lovers need space too.just like the self-explanatory saying 'distance makes the heart fonder'.when words fail,this is when guyfriends come into the scene.


guyfriends are technically girlfriends with balls,haha.they are your shoulder to cry on,they are close to you,they are your soulmate but they're not as special as boyfriends.they do mean a lot though,just like a brotherly figure.they share their laughter and tears,all in open up to them more freely and sometimes you'd prefer telling them your problems rather than going up to your girlfriends.they're sincere,loyal and love them a lot and you never want to lose them,EVER.i have these kind of friends,quite a dozen of them and i love them all equally just like my own brothers.even though you're in a specific relationship,it's never a sin to hang out with your guyfriends once in awhile,after all,it's not like you're cheating on your other just wanna have fun and increase your social circle.that's all.

i guess i've explained myself enough.a relationship shouldn't ruin any friendship in one way or should instead be something to smile about each day,not something to be thought as a burden of.lay off the clingy and be more open-minded,alright y'all?till then.

"Talk is cheap,Lies are expensive" -Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr Leanna Cox

indeed.i have been ranting a whole lot haven't i?it could either be because i think life is sometimes an asskisser and most of the time is a bitch,or maybe,it could be because of how obsessed i suddenly am with Scrubs.of course,my life had had its own ups and downs but never before in my life have i felt so empty..or maybe i did?what's with all these fickle thoughts anyhow?i know i started giving long,scary speeches because of Dr Cox,but it makes me wonder,does this ever-changing mindset relate to me being a big fan of J.D.?i did find myself quoting their dialogues a lot,not to mention all the monologue-ing habits i've been having after every incident i obsession can be dangerous sometimes.but that's not what i wish to elaborate.lately,i notice how much the world had been such an asshole to me,the walls are starting to close in on me and a tide,yes a tide,is totally flooding in.what the hell just happened?first i recalled being in a room full of treats and now here i am in the dumpster.what have i done to deserve this anyway?sudden change of mood is not the best way of spending an most wanted 6-month break from any forms of academic-related activities or tasks,not to mention the total freedom from the dreadful SPM exams.results in March?do i look tad concerned?i've done my very best and now it's all in the hands of God.what i don't get is i don't see why my desire to get a part-time job should get any forms of 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' *exclaim in descending voice volume like a man falling off a cliff*.give me 3 solid reasons why i shouldn''m looking for a job at the Curve,there are probably hundreds of surveillance cameras and eligible security guards in all angles.transport?brother-in-law works in an office there,if the stores aren't open yet i could always hang around his office for awhile before i start to work.workload?time constraint?you're gonna have to come up with better arguments than that.i seriously need a job but currently my mobility's a little bit limited due to everyone's hesitance and lack of support -_-" i wish i could unfair is it that a car that was supposed to be shared equally is being dominated by one individual alone?i think you can make a wild guess that i am never the lucky one in this jobs,no car,why the hell am i 18 again?i don't freaking want a car since i'm gonna have to spend my moolah on the fuel,maintenance and whatnot,i just need wheels to move around (maybe i should get a bike?LOL).my point is,why is it that the youngest in the family is always being underestimated?sure,we're young and less wiser compared to everyone else in the family,doesn't mean we don't deserve any freedom or rights to undergo adulthood at all.yeah sure,we're the babies of our families,but we're not retarded.we'll be fully-grown and will have to face our lvies independently.why can't anyone accept that?i guess i've proven my point enough.pffftt..

Do as I say not as I do because
The shit so deep you can't run away
I beg to differ on the contrary
I agree with every word that you say
Talk is cheap and lies are expensive
My wallet's fat and so is my head
Hit and run and then I'll hit you again
I'm a smartass but I'm playing dumb

Standards set and broken all the time
Control the chaos behind a gun
Call it as I see it even if
I was born deaf, blind and dumb
Losers winning big on the lottery
Rehab rejects still sniffing glue
Constant refutation with myself
I'm victim of a catch 22

I have no belief
But I believe I'm a walking contradiction
And I ain't got no right


Monday, December 20, 2010

One Love = One Hundred Bucks

i'm so free right now that i don't really feel like blogging properly.all i feel like doing now is just laze around spending my time doing unnecessary things like catching up on my Ninja Saga and whatnot.nothing as exciting as yesterday's event in Dewan Mutiara,Jalan Ipoh,KL organized by Perfection was mad awesome! i guess these photos will tell you the exact story.

Manifesto's guitarist,one of Malaysia's finest musicians!

the monk who officiated the event.

Mr Loke as our photographer of the day.

chilling with the fellers.L to R: Thomas,Mr Loke,me and Gary.

Santa came early this year!

the so-called models.


and the highlight of the day..
me winning RM100 from Mr Ben for being the
best-dressed girl! hihi

all in all,it's all cool and i enjoyed myself.thanks Perfection! hope to attend the celebrative Hi-tea and see all of you again! especially the tutors.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pixel Summary ..because I'm Lazy!

outing with the Activians...

Graduation Day Rehearsals

Graduation Day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Me Novacaine

Take away the sensation inside
Bitter sweet migraine in my head
Its like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind
I can't take this feeling anymore

Drain the pressure from the swelling
The sensation's overwhelming
Give me a long kiss goodnight
And everything will be alright
Tell me that I won't feel a thing
So give me novacaine

Out of body and out of mind
Kiss the demons out of my dreams

I get the funny feeling, thats alright
Jimmy says it's better than air
I'll tell you why

somehow this song is one of the best antidotes to overcome painful reminiscent and totally is.being a Green Day fan,or so as I would call myself,i actually need to discover more of Green Day songs such as this.thanks Aniq,for reminding me of this i remember how beautiful it is :')

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Staircase vs That Closet vs Those Bowling Alleys

the staircase i used to know and love,back in Convent.
there was a rumor about entities being spotted here,
due to the historical artifacts and archives they kept there.
haunted?more like a tourist attraction to me.they're over 50 years old!
and anyway,these stairs are made for walkin :p

a closet that leads to an imaginary world called Narnia?how absurd.
which explains why i prefer sci-fi movies,at least
the odds of a scientific breakthru e.g a cyborg reign or zombie
pandemic of happening are actually larger than all things

however,no one can deny how..*cough* awesome i can be
on the bowling alleys.haha. 75 pts y'all,can anyone beat that :P
kidding.bowling's a passion of mine apart from basketball,that explains a lot i guess.

Wake me Up When SPM Ends - in Words

finally,i think i have restored my blogging prodigy skills,haha! as i cleared my computer memory,i found some old photos back when i was in Convent.there's nothing i like to do more than reminiscing all the bitter sweet times i've had with all my Convent girls to the extent where in this new school,i'm being nicknamed KONVENT (as in Convent girl) since i've always been making my moments back in Convent as reference to compare to my life as a did take a 180 degrees turn.a lot of things had changed.i still remember my last day as a Convent girl,and all I can say is it was so emotional.indescribable.i heavy-heartedly had to leave this school,this district,this home for a new place where my fate remains wouldn't be as hard if i didn't have such amazing friends as i did back was really tough.7 years people,7 years of growing up,learning,i love this school too much.i have made too many friends and i have learnt too many lessons being in it.SMK Convent Muar has always been the best alma mater you can get yourself into in Johore apart from SMK Convent JB and a few MRSMs here.I do admit,2009 was my worst year.almost all the teachers had issues with me due to my angst,i was too busy for myself,i shattered my own heart into a million pieces,my dad passed away,we had to move to a new city and leave all my best friends was all too painful to swallow.nevertheless,the final memories were the best.

who can ever forget the life-changing camp i went to,the leadership camp for prefects in Kota Tinggi.not only have i learnt the know-hows in becoming a good leader,i've also gone through a lot of new experiences both inwards and outwards.i need not to elaborate on this,let it be kept lock deep inside the depths of my secretive mind and soul :)

my first ever flying fox was a success to say the very least. :)

who can ever forget the day we kicked a lot of asses to be qualified to participate in the state levels for English Debate.we totally rocked their socks off! girls power,eh girls ;) so we finally came in second best in Johor.what the hay,it was hell of an exciting competition.the opponents were so keen on beating us,but we managed to be the first's an achievement indeed.little did i know that this debate would be my last in high school,sigh. all's well that ends well,they'd say.

me as the first speaker,giving rebuttals and proposing my arguments.'twas fun!
doug's the speaker,shu wan's the 2nd and mich's the third.we made a great team to be perfectly honest.

not to mention,i found one of the best ways to channel my musical interests as a cocurricular activities.presenting... Johor's finest High School Choir team!

so here we were,on a rooftop of a hotel in Kulai we were accommodated in during the state levels last was fun,seriously.sure, we did go through a lot of pain and anguish along the way but every bit of it was worth the while :') this musical journey i embarked with the Convent girls led to another route,a route that tells me to never give up in music,EVER.under any circumstances.

the peak of the pain was of course,the last day of school.we've had some really emotional moments.

this is only part of the gang,there were more to love and miss,in spite of how quirky,crazy or annoying they were.they've been the ones who drew a smile on my face on cloudy days,and even when life felt not worth living anymore.they were the ones who made high school life mean a lot to's very hard to abandon this place where i've grown to know all about life,love and friends.

a week before i shifted,i recalled going on a trip to Malacca with's her first outing without her family,and i admit that she was a little bit afraid to go around compared to me,since i've been out with my gang in KL before.we did have a whale of a time.the seafood meal in Tangga Batu,Melaka was awesome,so was the movie we watched "Michael Jackson's This Is It" (well for me that is,considering how big of an MJ fan i am to this very day.thanks for keeping up with my obsession,Lyle :)

me and Lyle,after the Eye on Malaysia ride.

i remembered it like it was was a Thursday,a really fine afternoon.we had such an emotional time at school,me saying good bye to everyone and everything what's left to do is pack away before the moving truck told me that she wanted to have a one-to-one stroll with me in the..ehem.. 'contaminated' park near our old house.without the slightest sense of curiosity,i actually followed her.after almost an hour,i told her i wanted to go back home and finish up my packing.she agreed and so that's what we did.i knew my friends were coming over and i didn't want them to wait for me.when i arrived,i saw streamers everywhere with my name on them,and loads of food! i went behind my Double E and gave a gentle tap on her shoulder while everyone was busy setting the table.i asked "dude,whatsup with all these?" startled,all of them turned and shouted HI !!! instead of SURPRISE!! hilarious.turned out they were actually having a surprise farewell party for me.seriously,i almost cried but something was holding back my emotions from pouring out,however,it was really touching! they made a potluck,some of them ordered McDonald's.all these were done just for me! all my besties were there (including the ex-Convent girls) except for Adah.

i'm definitely gonna miss you girls :(

like everything else,good things will have to end someday in one way or another.treasure them in every reminiscence and take them as one of those reasons to smile for those bad things in life,don't delete them.make them a life lesson,and pledge to not repeat the same mistakes.

2009 rocked.2010 is about to end tremendously.i wonder what 2011 will bring me?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wake me Up When SPM Ends - in Pixels

i'm back! as promised,i'll make an individual review for all the subjects and papers for SPM.yeah i know,boooooooreeeeeeeenngg.apparently i've lost touch in blogging,and i'm getting lazier by the minute.scratch that,i just don't feel like reviewing about the past,i.e SPM. it's over and i should let it be.well technically,i still have EST on 15th december but who freaking gives a damn about it anyhow?you don't really have to read up or practice anything,rather,it's more to your language skills.due to my new sloth-ly traits,i decided to update my blog in pixel form,LOL.

1.last day of school ...

2.Last day of SPM

3. Outing with the girls

4. Epic Fail Billie Joe image clone

5. my newly-discovered obsession with Scrubs.

i'll update more soon when i'm less lazy.