Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Be Four-eyed or Not To Be Four-eyed

"Looking forward to the future,but my eyesight is going bad and this crystal
ball is always cloudy except for when you look into the past.."
-Thks Fr Th Mmrs by Fallout Boy

should i get myself a pair of glasses?i'm short-sighted in a way,must be the excessive exposure to dynamic visuals,or in other words,staring at the pc screen for too long.the consequence of living on the internet,pffft psshh.BUT,some say i could still prevent it by consuming a diet rich in vitamin A.carrots?

i tweeted about this before a month ago asking whether or not it's gonna be annoying if i suddenly made a decision to get myself a pair of glasses which will eventually make me dependent on them,and i got these replies:

"well, yes it's gonna feel weird at 1st. but u'll get use to it n with time won't even realize its there. it's only gonna be an annoyance when u started to misplace it n ur original eyes are useless when trying to find it back. haish.." - Kak Halie

"not at all,but then again i started wearing when i was 10" - JD or CIkgu J.

whether it's a yes or no,i'll have to decide after my SPM so as to avoid any forms of discomfort.the thought of ending up looking like Ugly Betty frightens me a lot,yikes!

My Only Afi

"need a haircut,Afi?you're just like me,in tune yet so messed up"

you're my first,probably not my last,but for now,my only one.i love you my Afi :)
you can never know what kind of a bond a guitarist has with his/her guitar unless you're one
of us.