Friday, December 23, 2011

7 Months..and counting

I can't believe how fast time flies.It's been 7 months since i first met you,came to know your name,and all the madness began. I didn't expect a slight crush to go this far,and never in my life have I remembered so many details about a guy on the first day I met him.

I remember what you wore,how you approached me,what we talked about,and I remember every single line and every single thing we did.

It was 3 days before you turned the legal age.Happy 7 months,friend?... love? I wouldn't know,but I've never waited for a guy this long,and I've never felt something like this before.

To this day,I haven't given up,and I'm still wasting my wishes on you,wishing that one day I will be able to tear your walls apart and break into your ribcage to steal your heart/take my heart back from you.

But for now,I'm looking forward to the next cup of coffee I have with you,on a rainy day,with nothing but silence.