Friday, May 8, 2009

... so retarded i can eat all the books i'm reading.the exam is driving me haywire and totally nuts! yada yada..bosan sudah tengok buku bertimbun.not that i hate school.there's a brightside to all these.NO CHORES,NO DISTURBANCES, but NO EXTRA INTERNET HOURS la.huhu.but it's quite ok since there's only gonna be one subject per day,oklah kan,can focus on one at a time.wah,so much for falling out,apparently i took a one-second reverse and crash! back into the pothole,well,just one tyre but still!! dammit,i'm not as strong as i used to be, maybe you're gonna say 'i told you so' or 'so i've heard'.i didn't know what i was thinking people,it's like my brain had a major,sudden shutdown in the midst of all of was a smooth journey,until once again i met him.i lost all my fluency and cheerfulness for some i a little too not over him?i thought i was,really.this is how much a touch can affect all the wires,nuts and bolts in your brain.phew! i have said it many times now,i absolutely hate falling in keeps you from being yourself,it keeps your mind on that certain person and not your health or other important things,it keeps you from going somewhere you yearn to go and it makes you do crazy things! damn..really.what i feel inside right now is a big war between my heart and my mind had accepted the fact that he's just not mr right,but my heart argues by opposing that thought,all over the slight accident touch.shit! i'm a punk rocker people,not some cheesy person who has nothing to live for but love (sorry if this may sound offensive).sooo his hand accidently touched mine,BIG DEAL.i accidently hit a lot of guys too.fall out! now! lol.reminds me of this song called crumbs by disagree:

Big world
Says he wants to see the light for once,
Well maybe if you try

It's so sad
Babe don't look so sad
I've got it wrong today

And if she doesn't go your way
Look up to blue skies and say hey
It's ok it's ok

well i always loved indie bands,they always play a big role in my life,and their songs had been the soundtrack of my emotions for years.their music understands me better than myself, i guess that's about it.gonna be having exam for three weeks,toodles for now!

-OVER IT..really.