Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Final Countdown?

..or not.

i don't know why Afi is being such a dog today.
He's been trying to chew my result slip all morning.
Bad guitar,bad!

i've been hearing the same old questions all day,"How are your SPM results?" "How many A's?" "What are you planning to do after this?" Here's a little FAQ,so as to not end up murdering the next person who asks one of the queries i've listed.

How are my results? 
i achieved my target,a minimum of 9A's 1B+. It was a combination of:
3A+'s (Math,BM & English)
4A's (Chemistry,Addmaths,Islam,Sejarah)
2A-'s (EST & Physics)
1B+ (Biology)
i wasn't aiming for medicine courses,and computing requires a minimum of B+ in Maths and C+ in Addmaths,i've achieved more than that so i'm more than happy about my results.also the fact that scholarships require a minimum of 8A's makes me even more relieved.I've met the requirement,what more can i worry of?

What am i planning to do?
further my studies in computing field.i'm taking Foundation in Computing in Taylor's University,Lakeside's a (3+1) program under RMIT.i will then either venture to Computer Science or IT,depending on my foundation exam results.

i guess that should be enough clarification in one day.i guess everyone else did well too.congrats 1993-ians! we did it! our results raised our rankings as the best SPM students within 4 years! way to go people :) keep it know we rock.