Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's My Age Again? - 20 stuff

So uh.. What's my age again? oh right,20. Holy pepperoni I'm no longer a teen! o.O and I haven't gone as far as I targeted when I was 10 a decade ago. This is a wee bit disappointing but nonetheless, I have achieved a lot ever since,then again blogging about them would mean shoving the good stuff into people's faces like you're better than them or something.Instead, I guess here's an obligatory post before the day ends,just a sign of me saying "yay I'm alive and old now,I can do whatever the fuck I want and you people can't tell me otherwise!".. containing nothing but 20 confessions to represent 20 years of life.

Countdown! Not in any order,these are just random things I thought of along the way.

#20 : I am temperamental by nature and I often use my genetically engineered PMS as excuse,even after the scheduled time of the month.

#19 : I cry myself to sleep sometimes, but wake up stronger than ever like nothing happened the night before.

#18 :  I am picky when it comes to dating because I've been in and out of too many relationships,and would like to actually settle down permanently with the next guy I date.

#17 : I am a picky eater - if I were to be a food critique, many cooks would fail miserably.It's hard to please my taste buds,and this applies to music as well.

#16 : I am suffering an early stage of anorexia nervosa - I eat little for fear of getting fat,but no worries,I don't suffer from Bulimia (psychological disease that makes you poke your throat after a meal to make sure you puke)

#15 : I sometimes think I suffer from inferiority complex due to being single for too long,however music makes me more optimistic most of the time.

#14 : Out of the many friends I have, I can say only a handful of them are true friends.

#13 : The primary reason of my pursuing the computing field is the fact that I hate people and prefer working with machines as they are easier to please.

#12 : I've had doubts about pursuing the field I'm currently in (software engineering), until I learnt coding and mathematics. No matter how challenging they are,to me, without challenge life is meaningless.

#11:  I apologize too much even if it's not my fault, I might as well be a Canadian.

#10 : I dislike condiments in general, they contaminate the original flavor of food and seem like degrading the chef - yes indeed,I have the eating mannerisms of a French dude.

#9 : If I could ditch whatever career I'm pursuing to succeed in music, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

#8 : I secretly want to date a bad boy scumbag gentleman like Billie Joe Armstrong or Johnny Depp.

#7 : I love my country, but if I could live the rest of my life as a travelling musician in Europe,that'd be great.

#6 :  There are only two races in the world  - racists and non-racists.Racists should just burn in hell.

#5 : I find my close guy friends' quirks and insanity to be cute; I love them to bits in a platonic way, but I would never date them even if they're the last men on earth.

#4 : I still feel guilty about breaking up with my ex-boyfriends.

#3 : I used to be a gamer, but I quit because I didn't wanna get addicted.

#2 : If it wasn't for the limitations set by my religion,I can be wilder than I seem,heck even with limitations I am already so. I jumped the fence of a concert once to get a better view of the stage,and was part of the crowd surfers.

#1 : I'm in love with the same guy for almost two years and am not afraid to confess,but what's stopping me is the fear of rejection.

I guess that concludes the 20 shocking (or not really shocking) confessions. Happy birthday to me,I guess?

"My friends said I should act my age,what's my age again?" - Blink 182.

Here are the best/most creative/stupid birthday wishes I've had so far:

[imagine a scene in the car,after a whole day's event, exhausted and half-asleep]

"Hey,I'm gonna sound like a jackass but is it okay if I don't wish you happy birthday tomorrow?" - Jitki.
Moron , by asking the question you just acknowledged it. xD

And this one from Shafeeq :
Shafeeq's birthday wish that made me LOL xD

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Adventures of Jinxie McBlitz - Saved By The Boot

Due the chain of events that occurred throughout this week, you now have every right to call me Jinxie McBlitz. Not only have I been unfortunate, I've also been randomly lucky, probably to balance up my misfortune. It started with me quitting the Philharmonic team (which I will blog about later,probably after this post). At first they were planning to perform old songs,but as soon as I quit,I found out that the team decided to do Coldplay 'for the youngsters'. Aw man!

Matt Blitz -  the dude in an all-boys school, right after he left,the school became co-ed.
* Let me further explain what a Blitz is. It's basically an unlucky person who misses out on certain exciting events because he/she bails from his/her gang the earliest.There's no clear reference as to where this word originated from, but in my sense,I first heard the term from an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney's the Blitz. The moment he walked out of the room, there's always something cool that happened right after.

The charity fundraising team

Back to the topic, my luck doesn't end there. I've been going to campus for the past three days to attend this fundraising for charity thing,it went well for the first day in spite of the price we decided on the items. This was where having many friends comes to an advantage :D Sales were good at first,but it began to slow down after awhile, so in the midst of the whole charity drive,I decided to invite my friends over to my booth to jam and make some noise to attract passers-by's attention,apparently it worked ; and here's the best part,a random old dude approached me and Leanne after we sang 'Love On Top',offering us a performance gig,which eventually inspired us both to start a trend to jam at random places.

Then again, knowing the universe so well, somehow my bad luck senses were tingling, I'm sure such luck doesn't come without a price to pay. As expected, the universe found its way to balance up the situation ; as I was loading the last of the props from the booth into Yen's car, a bus was waiting right behind us. I assume Yen was hella tired considering the fact he's been working hard with Angyu and the rest of us, so he moved the car without waiting for me to budge --- to my horror,his back tire ran over my right foot as the car was moving forward. Him and Angyu panicked, but luckily the boots I wore somehow acted as a shield; there were indeed car tire marks on the leather but not a single scratch nor swelling showed up on either toe... but the universe decided that I had to be trolled either way. Eventually I discovered my wallet was missing, even when I went to campus the next day, I failed to track it down. I suspected that I've been pick-pocketed, because I swear to God, that wallet was heavy enough for me to notice if it were to fall out of my pocket. Oh well, I guess you win some you lose some. Sure,it was a hassle to renew all my missing documents, but on the brightside, maybe it's a sign that I need a new start? Like what Angyu said,perhaps I need to turn over a new leaf and leave whatever's holding me back behind,learn to let go and move on. RIP awesome wallet, you've been there for me since I was 12,it's about time you retired.

To be honest,the incident did affect me even for a bit, but thanks to the tremendous support from everyone, I managed to pull through,just with the knowledge that people care and they would help in any way possible.I was a bit upset about losing my IC and other important cards in the wallet (that indirectly voided my mum's trust in letting me hold my own cards), but of course, thanks to 'my people',it wasn't so bad after all :D

Remember this Spongebob episode when Spongebob finds himself 'losing his identity' when his nametag went missing?
I know how it felt.It may seem petty,but really,it's a huge deal after all,welcome to adulthood.