Wednesday, November 11, 2009

100th POST!!


hee hee..hello people! i feel so alive today despite crying my heart out in class today since i got such bad grades (to be honest,it's average,not to the extent of failing anything but in my standart,it's totally bad!).enough about exams,let's talk about what's been happening to me lately for the past few days.

i met this amazing 12-year-old named Nabilah.we connected through facebook and eventually became like sisters.we share secrets,frequently meet eachother behind the field where i'll usually treat her for ice-cream.she's a sweet girl.we had a conversation on ym and decided to draw these:

and another one:

i call her 'Tiger Lily' coz she reminds me of this red indian princess in Peter Pan.

also,have i told you that Ariana Adnan from Couple is concern of my interest in guitars? :D here's a proof:

Happy 100th post to my readers and followers! :D

updates on TII in the next post.