Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Prince of Smiles - Part 1

[this fairytale story was written in honor of the King of Pop,my childhood hero,on his birthday.if you read carefully,it resembles his life in so many ways.let us not grief over his passing,instead,let's celebrate his legacy.hope u'll love it.] a faraway land of Miles,believed to be named as such because of the behaviour of those who lived there - ignorant and selfish.The town folks were often seen pulling a straight face,not looking at eachother,walking for miles and miles,minding their own business.They went on with their lives despite spotting a beggar by the sidewalk,or a hungry,homeless child crying in hunger.The rulers weren't much of a help either,all they ever thought of was how much they can fill into their pocket spaces day by day.They ruled and conquered,but never did the people under their reign had a say in any decisions made.It was a dictated land,and everyone had no choice but to obey.It was a cruel cruel place to live in,the people suffered a lot.Their lives depended mostly on the crops which they called 'happiness',but in a limited way since they were forced to contribute a small portion for tax.

Things started to worsen when 'The Plague of Depression' stroke the land of Miles.many crops were destroyed due to the famine,and the draught had dried up all the water from the River of days went by,the townfolks grew bitter and bitter.the land was dull and was even more dreadful than any conditions anyone had ever was now 'every man for himself'.

However,this disaster did not last for long.A sudden loud cry of a newborn broke the silence of a cloudy day.all the townfolks gathered around to see the infant for it had been quite a while since the last baby was born.miraculously,it finally rained.the 'tears from the sky' poured upon the barren planting grounds,reigniting fertility that had been long gone.the plague was over! it was as if the birth of the infant was what had brought such blessing to Miles.for the first time,the townfolks were seen smiling to eachother.the parents,and the older siblings of the miracle baby had never been any prouder.

Years went fluttering away,parents of the miracle baby raised their other children really well to the extent where they grew up to be such talented farmers.many were amazed by their ability to grow crops in multiple states and varieties.Soon,they were named 'The Wizards of Miles'.

back then,the grown-up miracle baby wasn't allowed to be beyond the house compound,so he was excluded from the jobs his brothers and sisters had to do.while his siblings were out,he played alone and had no other friends to be with.restricted indoors,he started to explore his backyard one fine day.he found a small bag of seeds lying around near the fridge in the kitchen.he took them out and started to spread them all over the untouched garden ground.when his father saw this,he was in grave trouble for wasting the seeds.he was then grounded and restricted even from his own backyard.

the next day,the mother was opening all the doors and windows of their little house to let the morning sunlight in,as what she had always been doing.when she opened the window facing the backyard,to her amazement,the seeds spread to the ground wasn't wasted after all! before her eyes,she witnessed a cheerful garden,so full of life and vibrance.'Happiness' of many colours and sorts bloomed in a harmonic chorus.She was astonished and stunned by the very sight.It was human impossible for such crops to have been grown overnight,by only spreading the seeds to an unploughed ground.She told her beloved husband of this very awkward situation,but he ended up in a disbelieved laughter.
"Coincidence my love,coincidence.Have you heard of that word? Get used to it.That boy,bah! He is nothing but trouble.Talentless and hopeless.." he mocked.
"Have you forgotten that the rain started to pour again during his birth?" the mother argued.
"Again,coincidence.Read my lips,CO-IN-CI-DENCE.There's no such propostrous things like a miracle baby.It's a made-up myth passed down from our ancestors for pathetic reasons.I would like to hear no more of this nonsense!" he snapped before stomping away in anger.
The mother wasn't convinced enough that it was merely a coincidence.She knew there was something behind it. be continued...

i be writing a sequel.

My Angel,My Childhood Hero

today is the 29th of August.upon noticing this date,tears flooded my's the legendary MJ's.eventhough he didn't live to be 51,he still lives on in our hearts,forever.for this,here are a couple of videos i found on youtube that made me cry endlessly knowing how such angel is being mistreated dreadfully by all the blind and greedy motherf***ers.he didn't deserve this and i for one,am glad he is now in a better place where he shall no longer have to bear such amount of pain.

this first video shows his performance on MTV.the indirectly biographcal song is called WILL YOU BE THERE? the words he said right towards the end brings a deep meaning and only now does it make perfect sense for him..

his spectacular smile and deeds that the tabloids NEVER bothered to cover and expose to the world.yes,it's beautiful,and watching this makes me shed tears even more.i'm not ashamed to say so.

this next video is the music video for one of his masterpieces called 'Childhood'.if you watch closely,it tells us exactly how his painful childhood had affected how he turned out to be.this song is one of my favourites simply because of the lyrics,melody and music arrangement that pretty much reminds me of the classical disney movies i used to love (and still do) as a child.

this last clip,needless to say,is how EVERYONE should remember Michael by.i need not to say more,everything is mentioned in the video.

next post will be my way of paying tribute to him..