Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunway Adventure! ...or not.

first of all,thanks Fy Rahman for the awesome free trip i can never afford on my own! and the iced lemon tea,hihi. Gosh i feel like such a cheapskate accepting all her treat offers,in spite of the fact that she's sincere with it. i sorta actually tagged along,it was totally spontaneous and last minute.thank you Twitter! i started off too early i guess,reached the venue about 9-ish,grabbed coffee with my aunt before i met up with the girls.turned out it was actually meant to be a trip for Sinaran students,meh,guess i have to eat my words now.but still,i'll never say Sinaran pwns Perfection,it ain't true and it ain't gonna be,EVER! hehe.we were actually expecting that the tickets we got would allow us to choose whichever park we desire to visit and enjoy but alas,different wristbands allow entrance to certain parks only,of which we had gotten admittance to the Amusement Park,Water Park and Wildlife park,wtf -_- the combination made sense nevertheless,the trip was attended by mainly underaged kids,most of them aged 12 and below,so i figure we'd have to give in to whatever they want.after all,we were all merely tagging along.

first off,we 'attacked the Amusement Park.our first ride was the Pirate's Revenge,something that severely *dramatic* hurt our chest (i swear,if you get any ideas i'm gonna break your face,LOL),our upper arms and our hips and was super scary at first,but after awhile,we got used to the silly upside down swinging was funny how we ended up screaming and laughing while Miss Ann cried her eyes out in terror,for fear of the possibility of the safety strap snapping.Sya and Fy made me go on the ride TWICE -_- the rest of the rides weren't as thrilling,the roller coaster was just okay,we've gone on better ones.the spinning cup ride was pretty awesome,apart from the cowboy boots ride,although not as terrifying.we then grabbed a drink before heading off to the Water Park.

this park,on the other hand,was just average.A Famosa was obviously better.the artificial beach was ok though,the wave effect worked out.there weren't much for us to enjoy,aside from the snake ride and that magic carpet ride.we got wet,like seriously wet.there was a lame stage show for the kids,and i could see girls getting all giddy when Justin Gayber   Bieber's "Baby" came along.the kids enjoyed everything.i used to,but not anymore.i guess i'm getting too old for this.i decided to just enjoy a few water slides and grab myself a set of awful chicken burger,oily fries and an ice cold mineral drink of which i had lost after changing my clothes.gastronomy at its worst,and it gobbled up rm13 of my allowance,sucks... luckily that ayam penyet meal with Fy was terrific.we didn't make it to the Wildlife Park due to the rain,and all of us were stranded there for hours since our transports were stuck in a traffic jam.i was left alone when the kids had boarded their bus,but i guess it's all cool since my brother arrived about 10minutes later.

although most of my body parts were cramped,i guess it was worth it.but another next time wouldn't be possible,unless we head for Scream Park and Extreme Park.looking forward to those.let's hope they're not hype.