Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blame It On The Girls Global Dance Event Malaysia - Outcome

i'm not gonna say anything,just watch.hahaha

overall,we felt the energy form all over the globe and we have a feeling mika will love this! congrats to all for the hardwork and diligence!

Malaysian MFC Rep

Signs That I'm In Love ... Part 2

i've lost count since my last post,so i figured it wouldn't be too irrelevant to start over my count with new facts. know i'm in love when i seem to take random pictures everywhere.when i say everywhere i mean EVERYWHERE,ANYTIME,ANYHOW.any beautiful view will remind me of you.and sometimes,i was hoping you'd appear among the random shots.

2.i constantly look out the window to see if you're there,eventhough sometimes it's near to impossible.

3. last but not least,the most significant of all reaction on every encounter.i am rather infamous for my ability of walking on thin planks to cross from one building to another,but never have i the guts to chase off the butterflies in my stomach when in your every'll show on my face,in one way or another,either i turn away,or i blush while trying to act calm.

that's it.if you think you've seen any of these signs on me,let me know.i'll slap myself out of it,haha.

the sapphire eyes.