Saturday, July 10, 2010

School Projects,Friend or Foe?

to be perfectly frank,school projects can be fun if you really get into it.

hey,check out our so-called invention... actually it looks kinda cute if we had the chance to design it as a kiddy toy for the little girls :') kinda looks like a little alien with two light bulb eyes and a pink robotic body.this little shuttle lamp belongs to Farzana now.

and we had a little shooting session for the KD10 Short Movie's a little sneak peek.

Fan with the cabbages,haha

landscaping :)

ladies of the town of La Paz :D

Yes,I Know...You Know. We Both Do.

Give me a sign
Give me a reason
Make up your mind
Darling, only a fool
Couldn't see through us
Know what we do..
You know that it's true
The things that you do
I'm out of my mind
I'm In love with you "
- I Know by Drake Bell

needless to say my life would suck without you,and i'm guessing that everyone might have been too sick to bother anymore.and they're too tired of waiting for me to change that relationship status of mine from "single" to "in a relationship with Marc Anthony"'s a stale stale issue which no one really cares about anymore.i liked it better when the only few who knew were my limited friendship circle,now that almost all the people i know have already had an insight of the supposedly secret truth,i don't think there's much fun to it more guessing more speculations.and he might have known already too.he's been treating me differently (or is it just me?).we had a lot of literal path-crossings but none of us seem to make an effort to acknowledge each other.we're being a bunch of hypocrites.pretending not to know each other,pretending not to care,pretending like there's nothing at all.i've been having a talk with sarah and all i can say is,she has a point.yes it's true,if there isn't anything there,if it's just a hollow space,why would you wanna hide things too much?is it just because people are matchmaking us since we're close?that happened to me a lot before,i didn't make it an excuse to avoid that person i'm being matchmade with.i'll go on with my life,because i know there's nothing there.i don't see why you shouldn't do the same thing too.but the issue now is,you're avoiding're keeping our friendship a secret from everyone except your closest suddenly don't know me when i'm with my friends.fine,if that's how you want it to be,let the games begin.let's see how long we can ignore each other..

a few days later.... *on FB popchat*you: hi ! me: hey!! what a wimp -_- how long are we gonna keep this up?1 year....2 years...5 years...10 years??? the clock's ticking and i don't think time will wait for any of us.act fast,before it's too late.i've gone through not one but THREE 'what could have been' situations.i had a crush,admired him for a while and moved on when life required me to,but after 5 years i found out that my feelings weren't one-sided after all,but it was all too late.time has passed,so have my feelings.i hope it won't happen again,i've suffered too much pain in a's about time i found some peace of mind for a change.

i know there's something just know so :)