Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 40 Jetlagged Smiles

Cynical title? I wouldn't say that,a more appropriate way to term it is 'creative'.I have been abandoning my blog for days now so i figured an update that combines all things important in one post would be legit for now.As some of you may or may not have known,my band,Band 93 was formed during MJ Night when we collaborated for the very first time to perform a rock cover of Billie Jean as the opening act.
Band 93 is initially:
- Vocalists : Neo & Adam
- Drums : Ken Yue
- Guitars : Me
- Bass:Josh (disclaimer: he was the keyboardist for Smooth Criminal,Billie Jean keyboardist was Yuuhi)

 We then took a crazy chance of auditioning for Twisties Superstarz,our first song was Breakeven by The Script. what's fucked up? my guitar wire snapped,we weren't tight enough because we thought it wasn't really our genre.The audition took place in our uni.Nevertheless,we met a lot of amazing people,especially this dude named Oliver Liew,better known as 'Malaysian Sam Tsui'. pictures speak for themselves.He's bloody good,i can hand it to him,although his vocals are somehow a bit too high-pitched,to me it's fine and it's not as annoying as Bieber.He made it to top 6 in Lakeside! So did Neo and Adam,individually.not to forget,Dzaim's band too.let's hope they make it to top 8 overall.

We then planned ahead for our next audition,all because Nadhira did a direct 'headshot' to Mr Drummer,haha.this time,it's full-proof! or so we thought,NO MORE last minute plans or practices.we went all out,and upgraded Josh into our keyboardist.we even dragged Nadzmi into the band as our bassist (he's originally our bassist for Billie Jean).everything was so properly arranged,including our song choice "Bad Romance". We did a rock rendition,something similar to Future Idiots on youtube,except we altered most of the parts to suit our style of sound.Managed to get Josh a keyboard too.Then again,i guess we're inexperienced.judges (JD,Nadhira,Liang) didn't seem to like our performance that much.According to them,our arrangement was a bit too "English Top 40" and our showmanship was that of pub bands of which people will eventually ignore.Rephrased,we weren't tight enough :( better luck next time aight,boys? 
p/s: it was fun playing Counter Strike with the boys,and then the road trip back home cum late dinner with Josh & Neo. there was indeed a tragedy which I shall not elaborate.let's focus on the positive stuff shall we? :)

Some words of wisdom from cikgu (hell yeah he was the first judge! fucked me up real good just like a discipline teacher,HAHA):


another important shizz,needless to say if you're as big of a punk rock fan as I am,you're gonna jump at this:

 YES I KNOW RIGHT!!! now i really have something to look forward to in 2012!

 come on Tune Talk,Green Day next and i can die in peace! heheh

 this is just for laughs.enjoy! credits to Hazeem Roslan for the meme comic.

p/s/s: i need to find ways to get money.totally broke and my bank account is as good as nothing,i don't quite have full access to it despite being above the age limit.