Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Without You + Sokker Safari in Pixels part 2

"kalau kau pijak hati aku,aku pijak hati kau balik pakai kasut golf yang ada spikes tu" or in english "if you break my heart,i'll break your face!"

like my new quote? :) i know it sounds a bit bizarre,but that's me and whether you like it or not,i don't care.if you can't accept me for who i am,i'm getting over you and that's final! stop messing with me,stop faking it,stop making me fall deeper and deeper for you because i swear,i won't! i mean it.

anyway,kak abby finally posted the HD pictures she took of me :) here they are.

Bakri again! hehehehe

cikgu j :D
it's either i've grown taller or he's grown shorter,LOL!