Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drum To The Beat Of My Heart

i'm sick of losing my emotions.can you please restore them for me?all you need to do is just talk to me,..that would be enough to brighten my whole week,Marc Anthony :)

oh hey,it's July 1st! on this very day,33years ago,a multi-talented drummer was born! and he is none other than the infamous Azlan Rudy Malik,or as we all know him,Rudy Pop Shuvit! happy 33RD birthday bro! it's surreal how i've been supporting them since they were in their early twenties,how fast time flies.a little enlightenment on Rudy,he came from the brothers in drums family whereby two of his younger brothers,Azril Dino (Frequency Cannon) and Azwin Andy (Estranged) are also playing in their respective bands.another amazing thing bout Rudy is his talent in photography,no one can ever deny how good his eye is in capturing the most majestic of moments.once again,happy birthday!

don't ask me about the invention,too suckish to be bothered.LOL~

i guess that's all i wanna share.oh,and the fact that i've been so addicted to old songs lately is just plainly weird.well...tata for now...

you're the one that i want,you're the one that i want,ooh-ooh-ohh~