Saturday, June 12, 2010


as you all know,or may not be bothered to know,i had to wake up as early as 9.30am to have a friendly match with dayah,syu,muz and was fun although not everyone who claimed they would come actually came for real.but nevertheless,it was fun.i did sprain my right arm but it's quite alright,it's been dealt with :)

i discovered how particularly BAD i am at serving to my opponents.poor aniq and dayah.

i also realized that the 5 of us have had a very MEAN and somewhat sexist competition against was neck and neck.lucky for us,it was just for fun.

at the same time,i am partially TORN by the fact that all these will end very soon,just like other beautiful things we shifting to another place,although not that far away,the situation will never be the same.when school ends..sigh.i can't believe i'm saying this but as much as hell that i have to bear being in school,i have a lot more to love. the friends,the not-doing-much but homework,the no-responsibility,the teachers (unbelievably yes,they're better than asshole bosses)..and of course... him..moments with's gonna end very very soon,in July,once all the co-curricular activities are stopped to give way to our major public sucks that we have to keep hiding it from everybody.i miss him and awful lot today,that i couldn't keep my focus on the game.the pathetic 'I Wish You Were Here' thought keeps ebbing and flowing in the depths of my mysterious mind.i wish it would all go's not gonna work out.

on a more positive note,i think the gossip guys actually agreed to join our match tomorrow.that's a major relief at least for once.

all-in-all...this is my interpretation of badminton:
BAD sevice+MEAN competition+TORN mind = BAD-MEAN-TORN or better known as the game of badminton. :)

i keep playing the game you play,when will the time come for you to be in my court?

and once the ball is on my side,will you be there to catch it?

and once you're there to catch it,...

"Can I keep you?" - Casper (1995)