Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ranting like Dr Cox

here goes my rants,in one shot,for Tuesday 18/10/11:

1.the vampire shouldn't create a barrier between herself and us. LOL sudden food craving is scary.Subway,then milk tea.
3. quote of the century: "Life is too short to be emo,OR to safely remove our pendrive from our laptops" - Calvin "Facebook-Is-Mainstream-I-only-Give-A-Feck-About-Guitars"
4. why the f did i suggest 'it' and why the f did you agree? FML
5. seriously in need of a jam session with Band 93.
6. NEVER place phone in side pocket,radiation may affect blood circulation - talking thru experience.
7.Assignments,I <3 u !

that is all.