Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tales from Taylor's Mid-lake

wow,it's amazing how I managed to refrain myself from blogging for almost a whole week,well Mahirah,challenge accepted and mission accomplished! :) it wasn't much of self-control,rather it's because I've been busy lately. I performed for CommFest on 11/11/11 with Dex,we did two songs : Zombie by Cranberries and Wish You Were Here by Avril.couldn't quite make use of my elecoustic because of the broken inner circuit,so i used my electric guitar like a boss,haha. the show went well,crowd was highly responsive although there were only a few of them,we were unlucky our slot was placed after Friday prayers,most people have already left for class.nevertheless,it was my first time singing and playing.great experience though,and we had some goodies from the sponsors.although i proclaimed that performance as my final one in 2011,it doesn't mean i'm going to quit just means i've had too many shows in a year and i need a break of some projects and requests are still welcomed though!
enough about last week's story. this week my appetite had gotten bizarre and all i could think of is food food food! gastronomy had gotten the better of me and i think i spent waaay to much on lunch this week! then again,take a look at these!

Apple strudel with strawberry ice cream in Ohana's. i swear,it's the best dessert I've  ever awesome combination of apple goodness,with hot pastry and perfectly smooth strawberry ice cream.

 This,on the other hand,is the el perfecto chicken teriyaki bento from Oishi Bento,a good deal of rm9.90,served with miso soup and green tea (free flow!). worth it.lasted till dinner.

i suspect my infinite hunger comes from the coldness of the weather outside,it's been raining cats and dogs almost everytime we blink,notice that?you can never leave the house without an umbrella anymore (not that i'm bothered to have one as a must though). i love the rain! sometimes i'll purposely choose the outdoor route to my classes during gentle showers just to walk in the mild coldness.would love to someday dance in it but of course,not in public xD then again,sometimes heavy downpours just creep me out.a few days ago the weather had gotten a wee bit too out of hand..

Picture speaks for itself.About 2-inches of water flooded the hallways of Taylor's Lakeside,making it into wading pools,thus Taylor's Mid-lake xD it was so bad to the extent of puddles flowing into our class which was situated on the EIGHTH floor of block D.don't get me started on the weather in general,I can hand it to Mother Nature,it scared the shit outta each and everyone of us.strong wind and unidirectional shower majorly resembled a potential hurricane! I was glad it subsided just in time for me to make a move back home.Road was super jammed as usual,and we took about triple our journey period to finally reach my place.I fell asleep halfway through so I didn't quite notice which part of the highway was clogged up.

Speaking of clogged up,lately I've been meaning to upgrade my laptop OS from Vista to Windows 7,finally?system's now up and running faster than before,then again the graphic card issue hasn't been resolved thus far,laptop display is temporarily running on VGA,which,hands down, sucks like eggs. Can't even get decent graphic quality when I watch the movies I torrented(yes I do know how to torrent now,weeee).I need to get to the bottom of this soon.

On another note,I am proud to be single woohoo! but it does get lonely and depressing sometimes,and there are times when all I wanna do is have something to divert my attention from all things one lonely afternoon,my friend and I were the only two who were free to have lunch together.considering how we're both coincidentally feeling a lil down in the dumpst.out of fun,we pretended to be a couple for a day.we had lunch together and texted each other in be honest,I couldn't really survive a day of commitment in a relationship,i guess everyone was right when they say that I'm not really the girlfriend type yet.i've gotten slightly annoyed when my 'boyfriend' gets jealous everytime he found out i'm hanging out with his arch scenario was when he was at the library and my lecturer released the class early,so I had about one hour to kill. he said he was studying so i decided to hang out with my bandmate (his rival).when he discovered it,he immediately came down and pulled me to accompany him to 7E,YES literally pulled about touch barriers eh, was fun nevertheless,although i do confess clingy guys make me sick.i'm not ready for anything serious clearly,i am now too selfish.guess it's a fact i have to accept.maybe shutting down my feelings for the opposite sex for the timing might actually work out for me.

then again,i won't deny,no matter how many guys i fake-date,i appreciate the moment with GP the's too valuable and it sucks that it has to end soon before it even began.he's leaving,far or near i'm not quite sure,as much as i miss him, every time i see him there's a lump in  my throat,preventing me to say even a word and whenever he comes online,my hands freeze upon the click of his name on my chatbox.i miss the times when i can just be a complete goofball in front of him and he would be like a total asshole to complement my fact, the only time i can act as such in his presence is when we're among the boys.i feel so alive and my feelings for him somewhat become idle.i miss those moments when we stop thinking and just start having fun. i hate these feelings,they often get in the way. i just wanna do stupid random things and get in trouble with you,mindless little acts that bind us into one.when I'm with you,i feel like a kid again.i want this back,i don't want this heartache to get to the better of me.I miss you GP. is it too late to revert to how we used to be?