Monday, July 25, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011 !

Fuck tests,fuck assignments,it's a one in a lifetime opportunity to fuck everything off and just for once,ENJOY! it was so awesome, and i never thought i would be lucky enough to witness such powerful event up front! many thanks to Pop Shuvit especially Cikgu JD for the chance :) too bad Rin wasn't free,could've been more fun with her around,then again the other regular pass didn't go to waste.I invited CJ along and clearly he had the time of his life too. 30 Seconds to Mars made me really hyper, i'm still wearing the World Stage wristband as we speak! too fucking awesome and that i still have a lot of energy left,i'm gonna write a little review about the whole event.

My plan to ask CJ to tag along was really last minute,thus our late arrival to the venue.Parking took rm10! FML,and it was hella far from the stage! we had to walk for miles to finally reach there.Met up with Jijie,her sis and some of her friends before I decided to test my 'squeezing to the front' skills.Couldn't really quite focus on Pop Shuvit,mainly because i was still adjusting myself for a better view,then again, i felt the energy seeping through my veins! Starting with Old Skool Rocka,then Marabahaya when the crowd sang along and jumped to the beat, followed by Running Away and that other song with EAR. the best was of course Man Bai's appearance.funniest part was when my gang and I were shouting 'GO JEDIDIAH!!" at JD,lol.wonder if he heard us?

moving on.Beast?they sucked.there were too many screaming and i'mma skip them.i manipulated the chance to walk up front to the border fence.

Neon Trees omg i'm your new fan! Tyler rocked!!!  1983 was the best piece ever this time i actually almost got dehydrated because it was super packed and we weren't allowed to bring drinks's a sure thing that all the jumping and shouting makes you perspire a lot that your body runs out of water supply eventually.the major miracle is,i wasn't even half exhausted.i felt the adrenaline surging up and before i knew it,i'm dancing to the tune!

The best performance of the night belongs to 30 Seconds to Mars! not only did they control the crowd,they also went against security rules by filling up the stage with fans! it was indescribable,beyond awesome.i don't even have any proper word that would do their performance justice! Jared Leto was incredibly talented! it's as if he never gets exhausted,and there were two lucky fans who actually got a hug from him ON STAGE! still couldn't believe the fact he made the fans jumped over the made me wonder if i were in a punk rock show.

all in all,minus that little drama we had after the concert,it wasn't enough to break me.tonight was still fucking awesome! a night to remember!

p/s: still,STILL waiting for Green day to come.
p/s/s: RIP Amy Winehouse :( gone too soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Hard To Think That You Might Not Be Real

you know what sucks?waiting for you to come but you don't,but when i least expect it,you show up,catching me off guard.seriously GP,why?are you human? seem to be everywhere i am,but i know you're not stalking me.i'm blaming destiny for that.

p/s:i should consider getting a TUMBLR.all these short blogposts are NOT worth it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh shit... I'm In Love

let's run through this check list:

1.You have lasting dreams between you and another person.Check

2.You start blushing and smiling when you see them.Check

3.You want to know everything about them and their ways from all angles.You talk to them continually, share your ideas and your enjoyable times and events together. Check

4.You want to introduce them to everyone and to show them what you have found and are developing together.You always want to talk about them to your friends.Check

5.You have understanding for one another and know when something is wrong, like something pressing on the mind of the other.

6.You spend as much time as possible with each other, and don't want to be apart.

7.You want to do anything to make them happy

8.You feel like you're flying when he/she holds your hand.Check

9.You feel like you're in heaven when he/she kisses you.

10.You think to yourself "If no one is perfect, I'd like to know what his/her imperfections are!Check

11.You can't help but smile when you see him/her.Check

12.You don't feel embarrassed around them.Check

13.You're confident around them and not scared to talk to them.Check

14.You're not scared to admit you love them.

15.You smile every time you hear their name.Check

16.You get really excited when you talk to them and maybe you would't dare to look into their eyes.Check

17.You feel empty when they dont talk to you.Check

18.You'll desperately look around for him or her.Check

19.You become very happy when you found something similiar with him or her.Check

20.You'll treasure a gift that he or she has given to you, even a very small gift.

21.You can take a trip together and wish it would never end.Check

22.You constantly want to be with him or her.Check

23.When you're with them you have no other doubts of who you want to be with or where you want to be, because right there.. it seems like you're in heaven.Check

24.You want nothing but to be with them. Check

25.You're thinking about them right now...Check

overall score : 19 checks out of 25.

so in other words,we might not understand each other's minds yet,(or ..ehem..nevermind) but i know now this isn't just a rebound crush.this is a serious shit.meanwhile,let's see if my theory's right.

btw,this is my first ever cover with Dex as a band,Dex & Yana. enjoy :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hanging By A Moment

"I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you

Forgetting all I'm lacking

Completely incomplete

I'll take your invitation
You take all of me now"
- Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse

this song has been playing in my head for the past few days ever since i heard it on Fly FM the other day,nostalgic yes,but somehow,also gives me a signal about my ever-changing emotional state.lately i've been having bad days,but God knew what He was doing obviously.he gave me a bad week to pay for the price of a super perfect marks the official first day of me collaborating with Dex as a team 'Dex n Yana'. we recorded a few covers (which will of course be uploaded on our channel),lunch with Mahirah and Jason was awesome and i enjoyed the lectures today...but the most important part of the day was my unexpected moments with GP. :') i can't believe he actually showed up,he really made my day.i guess that explains my unstable emotions,i might be falling in love.then again it's too soon to tell,although i do admit i get goosebumps in his presence; when he talks,when he looks right into my eyes.shit,i'm a sucker for a soft-spoken guy.did i mention he plays guitar?possible definition of P-E-R-F-E-C-T?i don't remember how it felt like to be in love,mainly because i've erased some of my past memories,including unnecessary thing was for sure,i knew he didn't do it on purpose,and i didn't intend it too,but somehow our hands accidentally touched,TWICE,and it sent chills down my spine,in a good way.electrocuting my every senses,invisible sparks flew in the this it?could he be the one?

i doubted it at first,denying all the assumptions the moment he walked off when i had to meet a senior.

then again,he came back.too bad we were already going for lunch.i wish i could've stayed longer with him.sigh...please tell me i'm not in love?or if i am,please tell me he's not just another rebound?

it's never wrong to dream,as long as you keep your feet on the ground and don't overdo it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like A Trainwreck

it's been such terrible days for me.yesterday was supposed to be good,i had a relaxing but quite costy haircut in this new saloon in uni.the unfortunate events started off with me being late for class,then messing up in E-Biz class.the whole group got kicked out of the class to complete our work,then a major lecture session.i did NOT get any World Stage passes after millions of times assignments are giving me a headache,my heart is having rebound crushes,math just showed me its fangs,coding is making me blurry...

then this happened.

thanks Cikgu,for reminding me how normal it is to have bad i don't feel too bad.

it doesn't end there,thanks to GP as well for showing up on my FB chatbox.where the hell were you when i broke down in class dammit? XD but at least you came by,although not literally.nice talking to you.hope to see you more often.

*GP = guitar prince

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cute Without the 'e'

i don't know why (or maybe i do?) i had a sudden urge to clarify this with's been 4months,almost half a year since i ended my 'soap opera' with you-know-who.i've gotten over it,although not completely yet,but why hasn't everyone?it's fucking annoying to still have people teasing around and trying to make a joke out of minor rebounds i've had's dreadful enough that i took the blame to let myself go,now people are still accusing me of being heartless even with the fact that i was the one being emotionally tortured throughout the whole relationSHIT.this isn't what i wished for.the juniors are well enough against me for it because 'he' had more followers than me,the kids love him more than they love me.and his so-called loyal young 'admirer' is sending an indirect message to me that i don't deserve him and it's so much better for me to move on and for 'her' to end up with 'him' instead.well you know what princess,he's all yours.i wish you luck.take him,he's not mine to keep ANYMORE.i can give you all the things that remind me of him now too if you want.i have to reveal the truth here with everyone regarding why i actually ended it.i have a lot of reasons:

1.i hate being the only one trying hard,while you fucking sit on your ass calling me up whenever you please but never once made an effort to go after me physically.
2.i hate being subscribed to your ego and bragging.
3.i hate the fact you're isolating yourself from my friends and try to change them to your own accord,they're grown-ups for goodness sake you're not their moms!
4.i hate the fact you think you're too important,more important than my own is wrong with you?you never listen to what i say,whether or not i'm busy.if you can't tolerate,then it's good bye for you.'re selfish and you only think about don't listen to me and when it's your fault,you divert the situation and turn the table to when are your mistakes mine too? use your so-called 'fragile' emotions whenever we fight so that people would think i'm the heartless one when it's all your fault! flaunt our problems to MY FRIENDS and make ME look bad.we're not even halfway through the relationship,and it's already strike 3.i wouldn't mind you telling our problems to YOUR OWN friends(because i do that too to let them go),that is,if you had any.

i'm not bearing any grudges to anyone,i just need to get this out of my chest and justify my there you go.use your puny brains to decide who's wrong and who's right before you judge me.

p/s: Taking Back Sunday rocks my world :)

Elite Team!

it's been awhile since i went for an audition to join the Elite Team of Taylor's Music's been fun so far,met great people,had great performing experiences,learnt a lot,progressed in music a lot.

i think you've seen him before in one of my previous posts,but i shall intro him again.everyone,meet my musical partner-in-crime,Dex :) planning to collaborate with him outside of campus too.expect youtube covers from us soon.

I am now Cikgu Yana :)

"Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym".

I never thought anyone would actually be calling me 'cikgu' (or teacher in English).teaching line wasn't and never would be my forte' despite the fact that some of my friends of the same age tend to be fond of the way i share my knowledge and explain things to's a talent,some would say,without me even realising it.i love sharing what i know and using it to help people.i did have people calling me Cikgu in a playful manner because of my excessive formality,but not as a proper address before.earlier this month,my neighbor asked me for help to teach his daughter Malaysian's hard for kids that age to pick up a second language,i know,thus i tried my best to help her out.taught her how to read in proper pronounciation and tone,some comprehension,a little vocab and spelling.i'm surprised how long her attention span is.the class i conducted lasted for two hours solid but she managed to keep up,although it did cross my mind to actually shorten the class up to 1 and a half hours instead.i could tell she was exhausted after the first hour of intense learning and practice.yes,i'm a cruel teacher,muahahaha. well actually,i wanted the lesson i conduct to be worthwhile,i pledged quality to her parents therefore quality is what i will give,not for money but for self-satisfaction.i'd be super proud if i'm able to help people improve their gives me a sense of warmth and fuzziness inside.i love her,seriously.very attentive and hardworking.looking forward for the next session with her next Saturday.
p/s: i do not offer guitar classes.go find a proper tutor for that,lol.