Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never Had A Dream Come True?

oh really?i've realized my dreams so many times now.i have my own guitar and have mastered a spoonful of rockstar skills,enough to save a rockstar's arse in case they need someone to fill in for them.i'm finally part of the Damansarian gang,they no longer treat me like a newbie.i'm glad to be part of the new family,not saying i've forgotten my gang back in muar and long as you have set foot in my life,your footprints will remain eternal,just like stepping on a wet cement.when it dries,the mark will still be there.but anyway,i'm not here to talk about remembrance of any sort,and do NOT remind me about my exam results,i DO NOT want to mention anything here regarding it.what i would like to emphasise now is what made me almost leaped off my chair.lately i've been a bit too obsessed with Incubus,so i figured,why not learn to play their songs on guitar?after all,it is a challenge that i have yet to fulfill considering how tough their chord arrangements and strumming patterns are.i tweeted about my progress,and i didn't realise that JD replied to it until i checked out his page today.

he asked me whether or not have i learnt any of pop shuvit's songs.i thought he was kidding around,so i jokingly said i did but i cheated a little,since i'm always asking him for hints.check out his reply! i had to re-read it like 100 times,i couldn't believe my eyes. GUEST MUSICIAN? IS HE SERIOUS?? i 'consulted' rin,and asked for her opinion,and she said she can tell that JD's being serious about it.another dream could possibly come true..performing live..with my favourite playing front of an actual audience consisting strangers and supportive's all too good to be true.i knew JD had big plans for me,he might've seen my deep passion in music,and he might wanna boost me up by giving me a platform to start off with.i do hope his other bandmates will agree,performing with Pop Shuvit,as i mentioned earlier,will be such an honor,if not soon then some time in the future perhaps.that would be one of my goals,sharing a stage with any one of my favourite bands :) a collaboration would be cool too,as in recorded tracks,EP..ANYTHING! as long as I get to work with them.

and wanna know what's my biggest goal?if Pop SHuvit wants to perform at the Grammy Awards,i would like to be Mika's guitarist in case Martin suddenly backs out.i know it's far-fetched but nothing is what Kak Jass has told me,if you want something so badly,you will get it someday sooner or later when you least expect it.

i'm gonna keep crossing my fingers and excitements,no hopes just yet.let us keep this between you (my readers) and I.

as for my Marc Anthony,i'm still counting on you :) and tomorrow,i shall come for the tutorials,so that you won't worry about me anymore.

lluvia de corazones

it rained today :D it reminded me of rin,she loves the rain so much,thus the name rainy rin,lol.

i for one,am a rain lover myself.notice how romantic it is?a tiny droplet of diamond rain could turn a mundane monday into a wonderland.i don't have any particular reasons of loving the rain,most probably because of the chilly atmosphere,kinda gives you the desire to hug and embrace someone.not to forget,the gentle downpour on your face..ahhh..the undescribable beauty of it.

but what worries me the most is marlon,has he found out about how i felt towards him?this is not good,definitely.i'm not ready to let him know,as a matter of fact,i don't want anyone to know but of course,it's impossible.once a gossip is widespread,there's nothing you can do about it.

i'm more than certain that this will affect our friendship BIG TIME! and as always,everyone confession comes with this typical question "why do you like/love me?"

i have that part prepared already..if saying you're special doesn't count,i would say...
you may not be as hot as Antonio Banderas,
nor as talented as Marc Anthony,
nor as manly as Johnny Depp,
nor as handsome as Enrique Iglesias,
but you are yourself,you have your own charms,
you shine in your own light,
no one has seen that yet except for myself,as far as I know,
it's weird because you're unaware of how much you mean to me,
now that you have known,
i'm not hoping for your heart in return,unless you yourself are willing to,
i just want you to keep it safe with you,
no i'm not mad that you've stolen it from that 'someone',
thank you for waking me up from that surreal dream,
thank you for making me realize how special you are compared to him,
and if you don't feel the same way,i hope this doesn't change anything between us,
let's make a pact to never break this friendship no matter what happens.

....because i love you that much and i will always want you to be in my life through thick or thin.