Monday, August 31, 2009

She's 52!

today is 31st of August! and u know what that means,it's another happy return of the year for that special one! who? MALAYSIA of course! it's the 52nd Independence Day! and as always,year after year,the government will come up with a certain tagline for the celebration.this year's tagline is '1 Malaysia,rakyat didahulukan,pencapaian diutamakan'- translated it means '1 Malaysia,prior to the people,prior to the achievements'.this morning,my school's choir team was invited to perform at the district level celebration held in Stadium Muar.we were asked to be there at about was pretty grand.there were confetti and colourful flags everywhere.people were reciting prayers,pledges, was a very patriotic atmosphere.of course,our presence wasnt much of a noticeable one.everyone was singing so our voices were hardly heard.might as well not sing at all =.=" but hell,we're malaysians! we should at least do something for merdeka right?although i do admit my focus wasn't 100% ON the singing,i had my mp3 headphones in my ears hidden beneath my clothes,haha..

ok,enough about me.let's focus on Independence Day or as we call it here in Malaysia,'s rather cliche' to define that word in your point of view right?but am gonna do it anyway.what is merdeka? some say freedom of speech,some say rights being restored but to me,merdeka is a day of awareness.on this special day,we should be aware that we are living in a peaceful and harmonious manner despite the differences we have.we've been setting all those aside,in our quest in constructing a nation with the most stable foundation mankind has ever known,unity.let's not let colour be the's about time for us to build a 'world wall',where each and every one of us consider eachother as family,living under one roof.

together,let's show the world what we're made of! :D

p/s: i be writing a review on Mika's Songs For Sorrow EP..stay put!