Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Jinx

maybe it is a curse.maybe it's an eternal curse or perhaps,a curse that can only be broken by marriage ties.falling in love in february,getting your heart broken knowing that all these while you have been living by nothing but illusions.if only life is as beautiful as the stories are always sweet while reality is usually otherwise.once again,it happens to me.i start to fall out of love and back in,and now out heart is practically immune to the obstacles,twists and turns that i have to go through each time cupid strikes his arrow through my heart and soul.i'm not bothered anymore,really.i should accept the fact that i may or may never find true love,ever.only time will tell.the most recent love story i had was a major flop as well when i found out that the total stranger i fell for is already in a long-distance far as i disbelieve in the loyalty of such affairs,i refuse to wreck the happiness of others.let me be the lonely one,and i shall wait for love to come by.i hope it won't be too soon.still trying to recover from this minor cut (yes minor.because i have yet to fall head over heels for him,fortunately).

a love jinx,a freak of nature.