Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beyond Predictions

well as all of you had already known,i'm basicly a facebook junkie! all aspects of facebook seem to be the many plus points that attracts users to spen hours on the web and never get tired of of the interesting reasons is because of the almost accurate quizzes.

thiz quiz states that i'm a on picture to read more.

i took another quiz,well,not exactly a quiz,more of a generator known as Marriagebot just to see who among my friends has the potential to be my future spouse.and guess what the 'genius' little bratbot got me?

all five of them are TAKEN for god's sake! hahah..but yeah,it was amusing that i got the same result as rin for no man..hahah.ainnur commented,but i told her the robot was just crazy,lol.didn't want her to think i'm trying to steal her bf or smthing,midway scarlet bandmates are like siblings :)

but it doesnt stop there,that's not the only thing that shocked me today.guess what?the subjects i thought i was gonna fail which are addmaths,agama and chemistry,i actually obtained pretty awhsome marks!
addmaths: A2
chemistry: A2
agama : A1

huh??? ah well,i guess i'm lucky,alhamdulilah :D

and another thing i'm addicted to is Guitar Geek,i'm so hooked on it,i can play it all day!

it's a cool game guys,give it a shot!
that's it for now,have tonnes of homework to settle,till then,ta!

p/s: i still have MJN1 virus,so today i'm gonna dig for more hit tracks,woohoo~

strum till u're numb