Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leanna Learns to Rock

"She's a rebel,
She's a saint,
She's the salt of the earth
And she's dangerous,
She's a rebel,
Missing link on the brink of destruction,
From Chicago,
To Toronto,
She's the one that they call old whats'ername,
She's the symbol,
Of resistance,
And she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade,

Is she dreaming,
What I'm thinking?
Is she the mother of all bombs gonna detonate?
Is she trouble,
Like I'm trouble?
Make it a double twist of fate or a melody that
she sings the revolution,
The dawning of our lives,
She brings this liberation,
That I just can't define,
Well nothing comes to mind
- She's A Rebel by Green Day


i don't really know how i managed to overlook this ultimately awesome punk rocker all along.he's such an inspiration,and his tough life resembles mine in so many ways.among the things we have in common is the fact that we lost our dads to cancer while both of us were really young,but of course,that didn't stop us from chasing our dreams.he succeeded,he used all the shitluck he had gone through as reasons to pursue poetry and songwriting,and i plan to do the same.the best songs are the ones that came from the bottom of our hearts,i believe.i have written a number of songs,some sincere while others seem to be just for the fun of it,which of course,had different outcomes.the sincere ones are usually the ones my friends loved the most,since they're more expressive in both lyrical and melodic as to not go out of the topic of celebrating Billie Joe's birthday,i actually had gotten him a gift,and it's not just any gift that you can buy,it's a priceless gift of music! i wrote him a short birthday song,it took quite an effort to not make it sound too preppy,and the lyrics are the hardest to write.i had to look up a few sites for inspiration,only to discover that maybe it's more innovative to extract some of his media quotes into the song and voila! there u have it,a perfect song for a punk rocker on his 39th birthday :) i haven't really gotten happy enough with the musical arrangement so i figured i might to give it a slight tweak before revealing it to everyone via social networking sites,including this blog.but then again,USA timezone is 24 hours later than Asia,so should i consider releasing the amateur recording of the song today or tomorrow(when it's really Billie Joe's birthday in America)?hmmm...

enough about Billie Joe.lately,i've been having such progressive conversations with my bandmates and the outcome?i came through a number of epiphanies which led me to spiraling a rocker,which one should be a priority,playing right or playing fun?my mentor seem to be going for the former,while my bandmates were more to the latter.another riddle,true rockers versus graduate musicians,they seem to be torn apart by belief that either style or musical knowledge matters the most.if i were to choose,i'd choose both,considering how they compliment one another,but of course,as humans,self-consciousness will eventually grab hold of our minds,resulting in mindnumb or in simpler terms,stiffness in body gestures.i have been suffering inferiority complex all my life and no one ever notices.they see me as a star just because i seem more of a brainiac in comparison to other kids my age.the truth is,i always wanted everything to be perfect.i want to always be a straight A student with no demerits of any sorts,i want a perfect body and face,i want to be a perfect musician who knows everything about music and doesn't make mistakes.this mindset had driven me wild and it finally stopped when i moved to Damansara.i learnt to accept failures and take mistakes as lessons to be learnt from in life,and try to be human for once.i'm imperfect,i'm just a teen cum live is to learn,i believe.thanks everyone for making me realize that :)

in the words of our birthday boy/man (he'll always be a boy in my eyes )

"It's better to regret something you have done rather than something that you haven't done."

so what have we got to lose? :)

p/s: didn't really remember that i was a fan of Green Day since i learnt how to talk.according to my brother,Din,i used to dance around to 'Minority' and called him to the TV each time the MV came on.hahah.. good times.they only play shit on MTV now.