Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Emily's Army

isn't it just fucked up that i think BJ is hotter than his 16-year-old son? LMAO.

then again,i still love Joey Armstrong for 3 things:
1.he shares the same birthday with me,28th Feb.
2.his punk rock band,Emily's Army,rocked my socks off.
3.he looks like BJ during the Warning Era.

so yeah,check out his of my favourites from their debut album is "Broadcast This".it warms my heart that real music still exists :')

you know #youreoverpracticingwhen ....

 these network apps tell the story of your life.

..and that's why i've been away for so long.preparing myself for my first performance ever,in public,as a guitarist.never thought this day would come this soon.carrying the name of your uni is a serious shit,you can't fool around.
 btw meet my partner-in-musical-crime,Dex :)

oh,..and also the fact that i've been working on my fan fiction on's called "Wanted:Mr Wright".a self-obsessed story about me being kidnapped by washed up rockstars cum burglars,teenage GD members and falling for Tre Cool.what are the odds? LOL.

apart from that,nothing goes on.