Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Night To Remember

once again,i've been in a little writer's block lately,or rather,in a sloth situation whereby i neglect my blog time and time again and now there are cobwebs everywhere! need to do spring cleaning sooner or later before things get any worse,heh.anyway,i've been busy lately thus the negligence,sorry for my sudden absence since Mika's birthday a few days what have i been doing?basically putting my life back in order,literally.i'm rearranging my time table to suit the approaching SPM trials,ramadhan routines,seminars,my pre-trial test and *cough* Ninja Saga! this new addiction is really controlling the minds of my fellow Activians,so much so that we've been making it a compulsory topic whenever we strike a conversation.and right now i'm stuck at level 20 alongside deila and jerin.needless to say that the Chunin exam we need to go through before we could start gaining XP again sucks big time.okay enough about Ninja Saga,yesterday was my first time breaking fast with my buds and all i can say is it was a blast! the early plan was to arrive around dinner time at about 8pm but all of us ended up coming before maghrib.

again,our plan was to spend the RM150 we got from winning the 2nd place for the previous 'The Pearl' Short Film Fest,but as you can see,we're always off the budget,LOL.undeniably,the meal was awesome.a combination of mixed tom yam,lemon chicken,kailan ikan masin,omelette and sweet and sour fish.a pretty generous serving if i don't say so myself,and to top it all off,puan rohzaini baked us a nice moist chocolate cake,using imported molten chocolate.

and yes i am indeed a teacher's pet,also because of my boundless love for the English language.

me with puan rohzaini.

proof that we were off budget. that's what you call a happy family.

my girlsss~ ily,syiera,nizar and deila.

Jerin :D no we're not an item,he's my bestfriend :)

as soon as the feast was over about an hour later,we had this little crazy trip to McD,our definite last stop after every event,no matter where it is.transportation?miss on's smallish but extremely useful wira.can you imagine seven people in a car that's meant to drive a limit of only 5 people??it was mad.

Nutcase Hazem taking a photographic evidence of himself being in the front seat beside miss on,LOL.
and how did we manage it?Jerin had to sit on the car floor,fasha and aisyah had proper seats and i had to bear suzi's weight on my laps,haha.we survived the journey,thank god,and it was worth it.we had hell of a good time as usual,despite hazem and jerin's sudden disappearance.turned out they had to rush home,awww :( nevertheless,it didn't affect our happy time of course.

me with fasha and aisyah ^^

thanks guys! it was awesome...let's do it again! :D

"wish you were there though..."