Thursday, March 3, 2011

When the Past Haunts You

seriously,i need a rehab,or a shrink,anything! i've been having weird,random dreams and things is the past keep haunting me.they're not in the form of flashbacks,rather,in the form of hidden signs.this had been bothering me too much apart from the driving instructor with a strange accent which i can never understand.i end up making my own theories about driving.thanks ALOT.

but then again,that's not what i've been meaning to write about.

ever felt that you thought a heartache was over until that certain individual from the past reappears in your life,triggering your old scars so you could actually feel the pain again? i many times this week.scratch that,TOO MANY incident after another.i'm sick of it.i'm finally happy now,why does the past keep on coming back to haunt me?it's like having a bandaged deep wound pricked by the same old nail that first caused hurts more than the initial heartache.a rebound sucks even more,i'm telling ya.

several events seem to take me back down memory lane,recalling all the failed love stories i've had ex's,my not-meant-to-be crushes.sigh... why God,why now?why me?i guess You are just testing my patience,what's left of it.

my driving mate reminded me of my old crush,they look alike but with different body figures and old crush's best friend was planning a hang out for the three of us: him,me & my old crush. and worst comes worst,my not-so-old crush found out that i used to have feelings for him.most awkward thing is,what was his motive of trying to know whether it's true?even if it is (yes it is),what's he gonna do about it?it's only in the past and i've thought of him as a brother already.that would be incest! LOL.but if it so happens,although i think the odds are 1million to one,if we ended up together when we grow old,at least i know whom he is.

serious shit man.why can't the past just fly off with the wind?life would me so much easier.