Sunday, May 9, 2010


"when u ASSUME,you make an ASS out of U and ME."

it makes perfect sense of my 'sources' bumped into Alexander Luthor.he was alone in a cafe.ohmygosh it's exactly like this one particular scene in Cinta Pertama!

him waiting there alone could mean a lot.i have ever so many assumptions:

scene 1 - assumption one

Alex: *sits quietly*
Me : *approaches Lex* hi :)
Alex: *startled* oh hi :)
Me : alone?
Alex: uhh kinda? :)

suddenly a random hot girl comes.
Hot girl: hi honey! *stops* who's your little friend?
Alex :oh that's my schoolmate..err what's your name again?
me : uhh it's alright..

scene 2 - assumption two

Alex: *sits quietly*
Me : *approaches Lex* hi :)
Alex: *startled* oh hi :)
Me : alone?

3 ladies came,about a few years older than us.
Lady 1# : Lex,hurry up! we're gonna be late for Mom's surprise party!
Alex : ok ...
Lady 2# : hey,don't you wanna introduce us to your little friend? :)
Me : hi :)

scene 3 - assumption three

Alex: *sits quietly*
Me : *approaches Lex* hi :)
Alex: *startled* oh hi :)
Me : alone?
Alex: yeah,why?
Me : mind if i join you?
Alex: sure :)

hahaha...sorry bout imagination's running wild again, the way,i've gotten a second chance to add him on facebook.should i?

Tribute to Wonderwoman

she may not be able to fly,
she may not be able to carry an anvil with one hand,
she may not be able to put out fire with her bare hands,
she may not be able to fight crimes,
she may not be able to rescue everyone in need,
but she could certainly bear a sleepless night,
awoken by the deafening cries of her infants in fright,
she could keep the house clean and everyone fed,
without bothering how her ample time has fled,
since Dad left for the Heavens,she became a one-woman show,
an amazing stunt act,strutting to and fro,
she is strong,she is invincible,
she never frets when in vain,making her sorrows mostly invisible,
we shall pledge now and we shall pledge forever,
be her cause of pain,we shall never,
she is now our mom AND our dad,
the one and only,that none of us can ever forget..

i love you,mom.thank you for all that you have done.i'll never let you down :)

You're my wonderwoman,now and always.