Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New City,New Life

wow! it's been awhile since i've last updated this blog,simply because i have been very busy chasing datelines after,my life hasn't really changed much.moving to the new city I'm in,i expected major changes.indeed i was right but it's mroe to the positive changes.i love my new house! this condo is located directly beside my new school.
here's a little view of my appartment:

the view through my hall window.yes,our condo is opposite a natural pond and a forest reserve.magnificent outlook on nature ;)

this is the hallway that i grew to love so much,still empty when i photographed this though.

and the best part is,my new tuition totally rocks! it's located somewhere in dataran sunway,extremely near to chillax places,LOL.the facilities are cool too.(photos credits to )

chillaxx room.

receptionist?i've no idea,but it's a place where you swipe your student card for your attendance to be automatically marked in their computer system.also for payment of fees.

the classroom..

my favourite spot,the cafe (that doesn't really sell much,LOL).
did I mention my Physics and Addmaths tutors are cute? classmates look really diversified in races.i think i'm gonna love this place.

i guess that's all i need to blog about,at least in this post.i have something else to talk about in the next.stay put!

le damansarian-muarian girl.