Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Daddy's Day!

a little overdue,but i guess my followers should be aware of how hectic and packed my daily schedule is aite,thus the lack of updates.Happy Father's Day! just because my dad is already in the afterlife,doesn't mean i can't wish him right?he's able to hear me out even though i may not be able to receive his don't need phones wherever you're going to after this life ya know,intermediaries are just overrated.he's not exactly gone,i still hear him lecturing me and questioning my conscience when it comes to making a way,he's my guardian angel :)

a little cliche' to post up what my dad has done for me when he was still with us,so i guess i'll twist it up a bit with 'awkward' and hilarious moments i've had with him - Twitter style!

i remember #thatawkwardmomentwhen my dad:
1.was on the dial-up internet,i called my friend and gossipped all we could,not knowing that he's listening to our conversation.
2.gave me the steering wheel asking me to drive when i was 6,i almost killed both of us.he didn't want my mom to find out but he blurted out the secret anyway.
3.entered my room while i was dancing to Grace Kelly.
4.saw me smiling at a random thought.
5.found out i was dating the guy who almost knocked his car.
6.caught me eating during ramadan,it was my time of the month and i had to explain myself,FML.

wherever you are,dad,hope you're doing great.may we meet again someday/my prayers are with you always.amin.alfatihah to you. miss you dad.