Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ultimate Troll - it's legend..wait for it.. DARY!

To commemorate my 400th post,I give u.. the story of my ultimate troll alongside my trollmaster, Rascal ! It's been almost two weeks since I last met my classmates (no,online methods do NOT count) so as much as I enjoy the freedom after finally finishing my foundation, I do miss messing around with the boys. We do keep in touch,but nothing compares to trolling each other in class. So two days ago, Rascal posted something that gave us all a cardiac arrest : list of the names of people who needed to resit math paper! We then learnt that he was just trolling,but since not many people saw the post, we decided to widen the target range. Me and Rascal, side-by-side, planned the ultimate troll. We added more names of people into the list and removed the previous post, with the previous commentators being informed that they should pretend they just saw the post. Considering the fact that they trust me with their lives and assume my utter innocence, I was assigned to post this up on the class page, indeed, many were trolled xD  because they did not read the message right till the end. :

more of the reactions i sparked by the trolling I did with my accomplice,the mastermind, king of trolls : Rascal Liow. Some laughed,some cursed us, some remained blur while others just wanted to murder us,totally worth it,lol.

I got a phone call from Yudish, and this 'threatening PM' from Seelan. LOL. seriously dude, I think I misplaced my gut laughing at our troll victims xD

And the rest of it was history. My first ever successful troll with Rascal, dated Feb 9th 2012. I shall name it the 090212 epic troll :D