Friday, April 23, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 7

why am i being fickle again?i'm beginning to think that people really believe the 'me liking hazem''s shitty how a rumor can turn out so real in their eyes.also,i think carlos is beginning to understand how i feel,and it's pretty bad that most of the girls had already known the truth.i should've told them something else but heck.bottling things up is just not me,unfortunately.i've changed a lot lately,from outgoing to shy,from being unathletic to being a superduper enthusiastic basketball player.many things had changed lately.believe it or not,i've became less of a lazy procrastinator and more to a hardworking nerd.some of it is a good sign,while others might just signify the typical things when facing the coming of age.the only thing that remains the same is the 'falling in love' part.this week had been hectic and as usual,my emotions are nothing but a roller coaster ride ever since i've found out the truth about this whole illusion.i think alex is just the starting point to all my lovey-dovey emotions.the real deal here now is carlos.i don't particularly know how carlos suddenly surfaced in this story,but what i'm very certain of is it must have been the day he added me on FB ages ago.i was wondering who he was.i added most of my classmates on FB,and there he was,sending me a friend request.i was puzzled,as he didn't use his real name on FB,and his default pictures didn't help me much on figuring out who he is either.i've been asking around,and they told me it was carlos.again,i went on a quest,this time,to find out which one of the guys is took me months till i found the right person.our first eye to eye meeting wasn't really as what i expected.he was playfully punching,kicking and laughing with my classmates.his boyish traits,admittedly,is pretty adorable.truthfully,the little crush started with nizar influencing me to see all his good side in comparison to alex (who,as i was told back then,is already taken).in the process of 'moving on',my friends attempted to lessen my pain by matchmaking me with carlos,since he appeared thrice whenever i tried the 'Lover Of The Day' application on about that,from 'lover of the day' to 'potential lover for eternity'?cutesy much? perhaps.the series of events that occurred this week are like major leaps from one stairway to another.

i was talking to Ling about alex,and on the other hand,Ling was talking about her new crush who looks a little bit like Lee Min Ho (whom i don't really know if it wasn't for my korean-drama addicted friends) when alex suddenly walked in.i was walking towards the second row when i saw him standing still,looking for a seat,in the same row as mine! surprisingly,i wasn't bothered when Ling told me that he tried to catch a glimpse of me when i didn't notice.Ling was really proud of me,to say the very least.

Wednesday,around 10.30am-1.00pm
there was this extremely useful talk on how to write a spectacular BM essay with a lecturer (i suppose).he looked boring at first,but eventually his talks got more and more interesting to the extent where the Skor A programme,despite the expensive price,is going to be attended by quite a number of students.during the talk,i had a good view of carlos.i think it's true,i have fallen for him's too good to be true,but it truly is.

after that long,miserable 1 and a half hours of listening to this psychotic girl who's practically obsessed with ben's brother (the major asshole) till i missed the movie they were playing called "Stomp the Yard" (ooohh my chris brown <3..LOL)...i finally moved on to the basketball court,only to find that i was too early.only the boys were there,including carlos.again,i got to witness his amazing skills,in spite of all the airballs he threw,LOL.nonetheless,he beats the rest except for the unbeatable wong chun hoong,mr captain of the team.a couple of moments later,the girls gathered and we had half of the court to ourselves.we learnt a new skill,side shooting.tricky at first,but once you get used to it,it's a piece of cake.all you need is a perfect aim,a little tinge of stamina,flexibility and of course,accuracy.coincidently,carlos passed by when it was my turn to try out my skills.the ball miraculously went into the net,so the girls applauded,joking about how carlos is my lucky charm,shishh...the basketball club meeting ended at 6,but i stayed for another half hour to have our own little match with the boys: zufar,fadhli,random form 3 dude and a few others.nizar once again succeeded in getting my hopes up,saying that carlos had been looking at our direction each time his team was taking a break.

Has any of you heard of the malaysian traditional game called 'Baling Selipar'?for those who have,it does bring about the old times doesn't it?it's been ages since i last played/witnessed someone played this game.the catch is to form a pyramid by using three slippers,breaking them apart,and chasing each other was so much fun.we went against KAA1,then V-comel 1 and Hoopers.we lost and came in 2nd place.however,it was undeniably an unforgettable experience.carlos participated too,but his team wasn't lucky enough to even pass the first i wish i could've played for his team too,at least i could contribute something.once the game ended,nizar and i rushed to a particular block to settle a particular unfinished business.i can't say much about it,let's just say the business has something to do with taking the next step. :) let us see what happens.

to be continued.