Friday, April 9, 2010

Gays Over Flower

read the convos and you shall know.hahah...

it all started when we made a convo about 5 active couples getting married (blame social interview).imagine their faces reading these,haha.

And The Story Goes.. - Part 5

"lana,i've got bad news.." a little sneak peek of what will happen in this episode.meanwhile,on sunday,it was just like any other ordinary days when i would go online for the last time in the week before i stick to my vow of a five-day internet self-restriction bla bla bla..i wrote a status on facebook regarding how easily i fall for some whom i realise that i will never be with,EVER.nizar's comment on it was absolutely an eyecatcher.she said alex and i are equally egoistic and we're not getting anywhere if none of us make the first,i stupidly got myself into a major mess: i was dared to say 'hi' to him randomly until he responds,lest i wanna treat nizar and syira nasi lemak for lunch.demmit,i can't let myself down.I'M GONNA DO IT!! it's now or never,i thought to myself.

hahahah.. this was so silly.syira suddenly got involved with the bet,and now i had the pressure of having to treat TWO PEOPLE for lunch if i lose! time was running out,we passed alex's classroom,and someone called him out.i gathered up all my guts and tried to walk to the frontdoor where he was supposedly going out from.however,as expected,i chickened out.i might stutter due to the overwhelming amount of pressure,so i preferred not to.almost losing the bet,syira and nizar sympathized me so they decided to give me two more chances,one before the tutorial and the other on thursday,during basketball practice.

the moment of truth.we came out of the tutorial class.this was my last chance.i'm not gonna mess up,i thought to myself.everyone went home.all of us waited for alex to come outside.we reached the stairs when we noticed a cat,in such a bad and pitiful condition.i went to see it,not noticing who the person standing beside me was.when i turned,i almost jumped when i realized that it was alex.i went down the stairs as i feared that he might see how much i have trembled.the girls were unsatisfied,so they asked me to try the not-so-dark hallway leading to the form 5 block,i was walking alone with nizar when we bumped into nana and fizha.i fulfilled the task! but nizar was too busy talking,so i was slightly out of my mind.i got excited and repeatedly asked whether or not she heard me saying hi to alex.unfortunately she didn't! instead fizha heard the whole thing and she started shouting my name and calling alex! i walked off,hoping that she would come to her senses and stop her utter nonsense! i have never been so pissed in my entire life! ok i have,but that was so long ago.

i avoided the boys and girls form alex's class,for fear that they might've already known my secret.i tried my best to repel any forms of 'i know something that i shouldn't know about you' eye contacts with any one,anywhere any was freaky how carlos and zieda looked at me earlier's like they know something.nevertheless,i brushed the feelings off and walked into class where ben was even more daring than usual.he strayed from his gang just so he could sit near me.i was between ling and the small lane that separates me from ben.he's trying too hard,really.the harder he tries,the more annoying he gets.the funny part is when Ling whispered to me 'awwh king kong's trying too hard' and ben TOTALLY HEARD IT! we laughed all the way through the class in embarrassment.

Wednesday,around 8.00am
picture day! a day when everyone suddenly cares about how they look,how they dress,the way they smile and how they should pose.deila brought a couple of stuff from hongkong for the spontaneous was all cool. (pictures will be up soon enough.Miss on was super cute! :P some dude brought a guitar to school (or did it belong to the photographer?) and so the boys tried it out.eventually hazem and the gang called me and requested me to play the guitar for was all cool until ben showed up,i pretended to not know how to play and avoided him all the way.

i don't exactly know what ben wants from me in any way? he sat with us during recess and waited for me and nizar to come out from the's too creepy.on a sadder note..ily made such a statement 'lana,i've got bad news..he's taken and still is' .well,there goes my feelings for Lex.when u gotta move on,u just gotta do so.maybe nizar's right.i should consider carlos?

BASKETBALL!! i've always been looking forward for it.we had a little first it was just syira,nizar,fiza and i against a few teams.ily went to finish up her work,while deila broke her nail.we had a little hoop shootout when they started kidding around about me missing the hoops when carlos passed by.when deila came into the game,we had to go against a much underestimated arab-speaking team.they looked like a bunch of cabbages but it turned out that they fought like a bunch of batalions! i ended up injuring myself, thighs we crammed and i had to be replaced.nevertheless,WE WON!
when all the girls went home,it was only nizar and me conquering the second half of the court,playing Shoot or was a bit suckish as we had to share the court with the sepak takraw players.gradually,the boys came pouring into our side of the court and took the ball from us.we had a little game with them (which made us look even more like total noobs when we couldn't even get a chance to touch the ball).we were also confused of who's in whose team.all in all,the sweetest moment that i could highlight is of course,the part when i was once again dared by nizar,this time to snatch the ball from carlos.damn,that guy's awesome! too fast for me,he was spinning all over with the ball,but in the end,he gave me the ball politely and played with the other sweet ~ score 1 for carlos!

nothing happened on friday was a plain and ordinary day.i wonder if anything's gonna happen tomorrow at school? let's wait and see.

to be continued..