Monday, February 21, 2011


remember when Avril used to be a true punk princess instead of the slutty cheerleader wannabe she is now?those were the times when music,TV shows and movies were actually worth while to be sucks how people are now emphasizing audio and visual effects so much so that they actually are neglecting the most important ingredient in entertainment,the art and heaps of love and joy.where's the fun of it?it's like replacing a barrel of monkeys with a barrel of tamagotchies (no offense).everything has changed a lot since the sudden breakthrough of pop music,the scene is evolving rapidly,which is both positive and ironically,discouraging.sure,Taylor Swift,Justin Bieber,just to name a few,are new faces who seem to outshine 'experienced' musicians such as my favourite band Green Day,Avril herself,Nickelback and so many other rock bands who used to dominate the music industry over a decade ago.the sprouting of new talents is actually making us fans (NOT including me) to forget these legends whilst they were the ones responsible in bringing the washed up industry back on track.where's the liberty in that?i was more than glad that JB did not bring himself anything home from the Grammy's,reason being his lack of experience and some say,quality.i'm not being mean,it's just the fact that these awards are meant for those who actually have contributed tremendously to music not only in the US,but also throughout the globe.too bad brilliant acts such as Avril,whom I used to look up to as my alter ego punk icon,decided to just give up her punk roots to go with the least Green Day only changed their songwriting style,not their lifestyle as a whole.i'm disappointed Avril chose to be mainstream and slutty like other female celebrities,it sucks to know that the punk princess is somehow dead,no longer a part of the punk community.i salute Skye Sweetnam though,for being able to uphold her stand as a true punker.NAVY'S SALUTE!

all these reminiscing made me miss school more and more.this morning,as i was staring at the clock on the wall,insomnia had it's grip on me tighter than any constrictions that i have ever experienced my whole bio-clock is obviously screwed among other things.and to top it all up,i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this brother's GD tape broke,the coffee i made today tasted's safe to say nothing seemed to work out for me.i wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone,not even my good friend dinner with the foster family was ok,had a great chat with foster sister and the pizza was good,although i wished it would've been stuffed crust pizza instead.but hey,it's on them,what rights do i have to whine? :) still wasn't sufficient to improve my mood,but then again,i knew a good laugh was all i needed,thanks to Mamat Khalid's brilliant masterpiece,Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.wasn't really a horror movie,it's funny as hell! won't really break too much about it here,watch it for yourself and judge if you haven't already :)

p/s: girl in Nona accidentally muttered the phrase 'fucking funny' on Nona today and the censorboards weren't even aware of it! or were they? naughty,hahah.national TV dammit!

meanwhile,i'll be working on song covers on my guitar,practicing for the upcoming jam session one day prior my 18th birthday,maybe will be writing some new shit for the band,and look for more fan fictions to enjoy.oh and i think Tre' Cool is hotter than Billie Joe now,so..yeah.haha.SUE ME :)