Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fangirl and random stuff

Switch,Twist,Blend & Switch It Back

hi guys! today's been quite a hectic day for me despite the fact that i didn't have any papers papers are tomorrow,which are BM paper 1 and English Paper,at least half the class opted out Prinsip Perakaunan.some of us decided to attend a book exhibition at Dewan Jubli Intan this morn,some were excused from school but are asked to come to Stadium Muar this eve to watch a national sports event for the disabled school athletes.what about the rest of us who refused to attend both? well,we lazed around and stayed in 4.2 since the class was empty.nothing much to do but to study physics (which jemima and me only did for like 50 minutes before we started chattering away),sleep or having chats.i sat beside jemima.considering we're besties,my retention span was a bit affected due to her presence,haha.the longest i can last sinking my face into the physics book is only about 50minutes (oh wait,i think i said that already,lol).so we started talking non-stop on random topics,including quirky ones like 'what would it be like if you were a guy for one day?'

jemima's answer: my name would be Josiah Wee,and i would probably be hanging around with guys like Caleb,you know,those kind of anti-social people.i wouldn't wanna get involved in a relationship this early,so yeah..

my answer: my name would be Airil Azlee,and peobably i'd be hanging around with peole like Amaluddin,the type who's into bands and even has a band of his own.those kind of guys who speaks through their music and rants through their outfits.

this is how i picture myself to look like..:

awkward enough,since i'm a girl and i can play guitar,if i were a guy i would probably be skillfull in drums instead just like my fav drummer,Cobus Potgieter:

being a girl,i suck at being a guy,i'd be an athlete!

i would hang out with guys who actually let me be who i really am without pretending.

i would want a girl who's not afraid to show her true colours,speak her mind,be there for me and hold on to my hands no matter what happens..:

and if i were able to switch souls with any guys in the world,he would be:

i'll be somewhat quiet,shy,introvert and mysterious,but friendly and warm.i'll also be the sweetest thing on earth,hehe.

ok,back to reality.that wraps up our random topic for today.till then,gonna go study and suffer for three more days of exam.

-thrilled to attend estranged gigs on 4th and 6th june!