Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Tiger Roars Tonight

lol Paul is back?

So the higlight of tonight was of course the finals of the SEA Games football match between arch nemesis Indonesia and Malaysia.Malaysia had made it to the semifinals after defeating Indonesia,and again,fate had brought them together in one field (okay i might have put that in the wrong way,but you get the idea). There were practically hundreds of thousands of local supporters who rooted for Indonesia,and if it wasn't for their self-motivation and inner strength,the Malaysian team might have crumbled from inside out upon hearing all the mocks and insults thrown by the unethical spectators.However,their effort of demotivating our team was in vain as the players remained calm and professional throughout the game.The match was neck-and-neck and I can say that the opposing team actually utilized the same tactics used by Germany during World Cup 2010,pretending to fall to stall the game.Indonesia was leading at first with a score of 1-0.By then,the audience in all typical mamak stalls and even in the comfort of their own living rooms (such as myself) started to shout on top of our lungs,cheering for the team.It's a miracle how this ball-chasing game can break our difference barrier and unite us as one.Patriotism does wonders.After intense tackling of the ball and numerous wasted open goals,our team finally caught up with a score of 1-1,thanks to Nazmi Faiz. The game ended up in a tie and penalty kicks were given out to determine the winner.It was so close,but thanks to the awesome Malaysian goalie cum hero, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, our goal was saved at the eleventh minute,and somehow our final goal scored was Godsent as the Indonesian goalie actually managed to catch the ball,but with God's will,the ball slipped out of his grip and rolled right into the goal.Alhamdulillah.We have proven ourselves worthy of the gold medal,and at least now we have improved our reputation in the football field.Way to go Harimau Malaya!


Friend Zone = Danger Zone?

"I have learned that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that." - James Rhinehart

Why the sudden quote you ask?Simple,it's closely related to the drama that's been happening to my life lately.As the title implies,friend zone could be a danger zone if you let it go too far.Those two words are deadly enough to terrify lovers,be it mutual or one-sided.Once you're in it,things will never be the same for the both of you.Then again,friend zones can also be a good thing if you take it in a positive way.When you're friends,or rather,best friends, you tend to share most of your time and experiences together,and there should be enough trust to break the secret barrier,or in other words "your secret is mine and vice versa".There shouldn't be any restrictions of some sort and you are free to share any random thoughts or emotions.A friend is simply a friend,but a best friend is your ultimate shoulder to cry on.You run to them in your sorrow,and also run to them when you need a laugh.It's all sweet and innocent until something happens to alter every single thing that has been the fundamental to your close-knit relationship.As I may have mentioned before,trust is like glass,you can't just randomly throw it at people as it is super fragile; once broken,it can never be the same ever again.Words,on the other hand,are stronger that swords.Physical weapons stab you in the heart and you die an instant death but when it comes to words,it stabs you in the same area,the only difference is that the pain is gradual,it gets worse with time and sometimes the scar ceases to heal and before you knew it,you have a permanent wound within you,waiting for the right time to bleed again.Too many a time have I encountered an epiphany revealing which friends are quality ones and which ones don't suppose to mean that much.It doesn't bother me until I realize that one of the friends i should grow apart from is someone I used to be super close to,someone i trusted with my life and shared my ups and downs with.It's not fair.Was it really a misunderstanding or is it a skeleton in the closet?Whatever it is,it sure is digging a great big hole in the ground to bury all our thoughts,memories and visions of being somewhat the musketeers forever.Things will never be the same,and it hurts me to think that this is dejavu,and what makes it even more painful is the realization that I miss us.What exactly just happened?How did things revolve so fast?Why did we grow apart instead of grow up together?Will this ever end?Then again,it was your fault for not trying to make things better.We tried but we eventually got tired of this one-sided effort.

I miss us...though.I can't deny.