Sunday, May 17, 2009

teacher's day

The World Is Dark Without You

*awesome picture aite?i'm stillf ree falling though now,but with a parachute,haha*
On this wonderful day,i would like to grab this opportunity to wish all my teachers a Happy Teacher's Day! thank you for clearing the air around me on things,and thanks for giving me a torch when i'm in the midst of darkness.for this,i would like to thank the teachers below:
-my teacher from Riam Mandarind Kindergarten,Sarawak
-my teachers especially mrs tan and miss rita from Elpis English Kindergarten,Kulai
-my teacher from Tabika Kemas,Kulai
-my teachers especially pn noraini,pn umi and encik azran from sk ayer manis,kulai
-my teachers especially puan norhashimah,puan rohaizah,puan goh,puah norhasliza,puan seri saerah,puan anum,puan nor rizan and puan norzihan from sk convent,muar
-my teachers especially cik yang,puan ramlah,puan lim,cik yau,puan chui,cik norilla,miss lynette,puan senik..
-my agama school teachers ustazah zaharah,ustazah norliah,ustaz mat nor and the rest.
-my guitar teacher mr neo
-my camp rock celebrity teachers JD,moots,uno,suki,nurfatima,audi mok,alam,linda jasmine and cikgu maziah.
-to all the teachers out there,you know who you are..


-free falling using a parachute called 'lao tse'