Saturday, March 12, 2011

the last of the earth's breath

haven't we seen enough?

our planet,just like humans,is aging dreadfully.its fragility is now obvious.not to be paranoid,but i could sense that the end is near.remember how we've always been comforted with the scientific fact that the largest frequency of a natural disaster to occur is only once in every decade?disasters are happening every now and then.the statistics are shockingly can happen anytime,anywhere,regardless of how we are 'in the danger zone' or not.Malaysia used to be safe,we're out of the cyclone-prone zone as well as the fire ring.we're not supposed to have earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,tidal waves,typhoons etc but we still we can never really tell or predict.not the scientists,not the most modern of technologies,NOTHING can ever stop God's will.maybe this is God's way of telling us to reflect on our mistakes.maybe it's the only way we'd stop destroying,killing,fighting,arguing. time has come for us to unite,surpassing race,nation,political views,and everything that has been keeping us's time for a change,before it's too late.

so what do u say,are you in or out?