Monday, November 3, 2008

That Wonderful Night's me again as always.there's not much to tell simply because words are too simple to decribe how i feel tonight.well,tonight,besides the first conference i've had with about one third of Midway Scarlet (Me,Rin and Raja),it's also the night before Rafiq'a birthday (fyi,rafiq is the guy whom I've been sms-ing all these i've became quite clsoe to him.)i mms-ed him a shot from mika's dvd (the one with balloons) and attached a recording from the song 'happy birthday' by click was really sweet of him to call me just for the sake of saying thank you.i got nervous,he did too,and we didn't talk that much.our conversation only lasted a few minutes.his voice was rough,but i got over it considering how sweet he,that's bout it.