Friday, May 29, 2009


Miscellaneous Emotions

here's a story,that has been kept a secret for ever so long.a story of three soulmates,once told but never again.their names were Heart,Mind and Soul.they live together in a small cottage,happily,for 16 years.they became close friends,and depend on eachother in any situation until a prince came to them one day.his name was Love.his presence changed the lives of the trio forever.they shared secrets together,but now Heart started to keep all her secrets to herself.Mind started an argument with Heart for all her actions and decisions that she made,while Soul was left neglected.In truth,the three of them had actually fallen for Love,and all of them realised that.Because of this,their lives shattered and they were no longer good friends.they no longer get along as well as they used to.they constantly fight and disagree with eachother,until one day,Heart almost drowned in the River of Despair as she was trying to run away from their house.luckily Mind was there to rescue her.Soul,by then,was having a conversation with Love.he wanted to discuss about what was going on between Soul and her close friends.just then,they were notified of Heart's situation.Soul was disappointed of herself for being too ignorant.She then wrote a letter secretly,and left it under Heart's pillow.Heart was asleep and she could hardly move.She was in pain,and she was shattering so much so that never in her life has she experienced such.the letter made them realise that they were stupid all along.Love's presence tore them apart.finally,they had a small talk with Love,and so he left,pledging to return someday when needed.he knew his presence brought them no good,that was why he left.but now,he has returned,looking more urgent.and the story continues..~

Lyrics | Faizal Tahir lyrics - Bencinta lyrics

i love him,but i hate him.
i don't miss him,i miss who i thought he was.

-bencinta kamu.