Saturday, August 7, 2010

KLCC.. I'm In Love..

"Although loneliness has always been a friend of mie
I'm leaving my life in your hands
People say im crazy and that i am blind
risking it all in a glance
how you got me blind is still a mystery
i cant get you out of my head
dont care what is written in your history
As long as you're here with me"
-As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys

to say the very least,today was really really meaningful thanks to you,Marco. :) words can never describe the precious moments we spent together.too sweet for such humble letters to convey.all i can say is,may this be true not only for today,but for the whole eternity.i will write these down just for memories:
-faithful companion throughout the exhibition
-"Can this day get any worse?" (upon heavy rainfall)
-McChicken McValue Meal
-Overlooking the dancing fountain of KLCC

-Green shoes :)
-Green motorbike
-pinkish purple/purplish pink watch
-white smooth criminal suit
-coming-close-to-confession conversation.
-presumed couple :DD
-"da' smile on ur face,let me know that u need me...........

theres a truth in ur eyes,saying u never live me..............
da' touch of ur hand say u catch me, where ever i fall........
u say it best,when u say nothing at all....." :))

-"walk safe" ..with a smile.

all in all,i can say this trip was a made me realize that my love for you will never die,Marco :)

apart from that,here are a couple of photos i took:

Ejat as Einstein

Interactive Art

Ejat and Mubin at the Helicopter Simulator :)

Ira,Aini and Me in front of the actual KLCC la :)



"Who are you now?
Are you still the same
Or did you change somehow?
What do you do?
At this very moment
When I think of you.."
-I Still by Backstreet Boys

the best thing about having a flu is that when you cry,no one can tell apart your internal and external pain :')