Wednesday, May 6, 2009

point of no return


Point Of No Return
woah..phantom of the opera,haha.well that's not my point here.see that picture over there?ever heard of the song 'point of no return' in the high profile,all-time fav musical phantom of the opera?ok,let me make it clear for you.i am sick of being labelled as 'Girl In Denial',truth is i'm not that weak anymore.i have gathered up all the strength i need to move on.let the past be the past,gotta find the future.downfoot is a route,a narrow one,which restricts me from making any 'U-turns'.if i ever do,i will surely fall back into the same pothole.idiotic as it sounds,there are possibilities though.that's why i'm taking this narrow road,to make sure i wont fall into the same pothole over again.but but but!! when the going gets tough,the tough gets going,is it so?my 'going' seem to be filled with a bunch of paparazzis all fully-equipped with their cameras and binoculars,stalking my every movement to find the latest scoops about my! i'm barely a celebrity people,why should you nose into my business?ever since i've been close to someone,everyone seem to be interested to know our progress.rumors are being spread that i am scandal-prone.everything comes from the friendliness i portray.hmm..when will this ever come to an end?

-kurangkan kontroversi,tingkatkan prestasi XD