Saturday, November 28, 2009

Never Can Say Good Bye (2)

my first pathetic attempt of a of new house coming up next.

loving KD.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon

it's not that i don't wanna blog about my new home and whatsoever,it's just that i feel the need of blogging about this first.i saw New Moon yesterday with kak cita and her lil sisters.before the movie,i thought i was gonna be on team Edward forever but i was WRONG! there was a scene.Bella Swan wanted to see Edward so badly that she put herself into danger by riding some kind of killer motorbike.when she fell,jacob (played by taylor lautner) was was raining and he was literally wet.he took his shirt off and wow...hahaha...practicly the whole cinema flailed!
his hotness...

no kidding..i'm in love <3 muahaha..

team JACOB.

Friday, November 20, 2009

last bow

Never Can Say Good Bye

i can't believe's happening again for the fourth time in my life,moving out of my house.i thought once my late dad resigned,i don't have to go through any of this anymore but i was wrong.God loved him more and now we have no choice but to leave our own humble home for safety's sake.this is even sadder than the other moves we had to make considering i'm old enough to have a sense of belonging and my friends are nothing but incredible! i mean,when i left kulai,i left with a smile because my stay had been's different with Muar.i lived here for 7 years now.i practicly had both my childhood AND teenhod here.i even found my first true friends and first love's hard to say good bye,and one of the hardest things to do is breaking the news to my friends.i decided to do so after our exams so as to not bother them.i think it was a little too made them feel like i'm leaving a little too soon.i know God does everything for a cause,yet i'm still finding He's purpose for testing me in such a way.this year,which would've been the best year in my life,turned to be the other way,when i broke the news to them,i noticed how they started to slightly ignore me and act all weird.i seriously thought they wanted to avoid me so that they'll feel less painful once i'm gone.again,my perceptions were misled.two days ago,my mom told me not to have my usual afternoon nap since she promised my neighbour that we'd pay her a visit before we i agreed and got dressed up.unfortunately,my neighbour wasn't in and there was this monitor lizard lying in the middle of the road as we were on our way to her we had no choice but to sit at some park near our house.awkwardly my mom procrastinated when i told her my friends might have arrived already (we were planning a hangout at my house).also,she was too occupied with her phone to even bother what i was talking to her after 45mins (approx) we finally walked home and as expected,the guests were here! but there was another weird thing,wtf there's a banner!! all of them were talking among eachother and i crept behind them,eventually whispering 'hey,what's all these?'
they jumped in shock and shouted HIIIII instead of SURPRISE! that was funny but STILL!! i was too simple-minded to suspect that.hahaha! but it was all fun!

here are a few shots of their long-term preparation,credits to my Double E!

shu wan and yenny mcMenny at mcD,getting food for the surprise farewell party.

jemima hanging her artwork banner for the party.i personally love it! and jems,YES YOU ARE INDEED AN ARTIST! :D

the surprise crew..

me with yenny,shu wan,double e and jems.

my Malay besties ;) too bad adah couldn't join us.

the girls really went all out.they pooled money to get food and even this ice cream cake! i admit,i'm pretty much a noob,i was confused on how to properly cut the cake equally to distribute to everyone.FML!

the party was fab!everyone had fun and got a little emotional,yet still undercontrol.

last day of school was the most emotional day for both my friends and i.imagine finally having to part with eachother after 7 long years! they gave me gifts as a token of remembrance and wrote a few notes.i couldn't read them all,they're just a little too saddening and depressing to think of.

to be continued..

Friday, November 13, 2009

all MIKA!


as promised,here it is boys and girls,a post dedicated to Mika only! a few days ago while i was in malacca,i managed to find a copy of The Boy Who Knew Too Much with a free Mika tote bag! you can't imagine how happy i was to finally found it! although i've heard the songs before,listening on the album makes it much more exciting and gave me a more justified right to write my own review.
first of all,here's the official album cover:

so these are my oppinions on the songs (in track listing accord):

1. "We Are Golden" Mika 3:58
-this song is really common now that the video has been's about teenage anxiety and not giving up to peer pressure (pretty much the similar subject and theme as compared to the song i wrote called '7 Days').the lyrics are really meaningful and spoke louder than the rest of the songs.upbeat tempo,not too fast yet not too slow.not a typical pop song but indeed a soulful track.

2. "Blame It On The Girls" Mika 3:33
-a really unique song that makes you turn your head in spite of not knowing the original singer.either you like it or not,it makes you wonder about all aspects of the song.its mainly about a guy who has everything but is never thankful,when listened carefully.he blames on everyone but himself regarding the emptiness he feels in his's a fun and funny broadway song that won't keep you still.

3. "Rain" Mika, Jodi Marr 3:43
-the original version was slow and more to ballad but to our surprise,mika's music techs decided to modify this song into a dance number,which I think is nothing but brilliant! the video is abstract and artistic although it doesn't make much of a sense.the original storyline of the song is about peer pressure and conflicts with friends as well,but in a more intense situation.nicely done!

4. "Dr John" Mika 3:44
-to be honest,i always skip this song,LOL.but for the sake of my passion in Mika's music,i listen to it to the very end.not much of a fan of the melody and arrangements but indeed,the subject matter that becomes the theme of the song is definitely intriguing!

5. "I See You" Mika, Walter Afanasieff 4:16
-i swear the water works were triggered by the sound of the intro.powerful piano score that sways your emotions.the notes,the lyrics,the 'stalking a girl you love' kind of thing.really heart-wrenching,need i say more?i have a strong feeling that this single will be BIG,especially after its appearance as one of the soundtracks on a popular TV series,Gossip Girl.killer song,haunting you all the way just like Evanescence's "My Immortal".

6. "Blue Eyes" Mika 2:50
-catchy tune,nothing could be simpler yet sweet.the a'la hawaii-jamaican arrangement makes you sing your way thoughout the song although it seems as though this will be your least favourite track on the album.never trust first impressions.

7. "Good Gone Girl" Mika, Jodi Marr 3:01
-as usual,mika and fairy-tale songs have never been into a fight,LOL.typical british pop music but not as typical as you have imagined.the tune will make you take off from your seat.

8. "Touches You" Mika 3:19
- my undoubted favourite! doesn't only make you dance,it also makes you sing along and clap until you have that little ticklish feeling within you.very interesting how the arrangement of this song can be stuck in your head for quite awhile! listening to the intro alone gives you the early impression that this song is really something.simple topic,but i personally love it! the chorus is really catchy compared to the rest of the songs.

9. "By the Time" Mika, Imogen Heap 3:21
-imogen heap and mika share similar brilliance in music production.they blend well,the music is all calming and their collaboration makes an excellent musical blend.more like a lullaby rather than a ballad or a pop song and that doesn't bother me a bit! one warning,never make it your alarm tone,because this song will sing you back to your sleep.

10. "One Foot Boy" Mika, Rob Davis 2:58
-LOL,it reminds me of video games! i don't know why.cute song but i still have troubles understanding the song.ONE FOOT BOY? is he whining about his height?what's to whine for,he's approx 6'1" gosh! LOL.

11. "Toy Boy" Mika, Jodi Marr 2:58
-another one of his songs with a brilliant sounds like one of the songs form a classic disney movie,probably some cartoon fairy tale.just like Lollipop from his previous album,this song has a cheerful melody to contradict the actual dark it!another masterpiece.

12. "Pick Up Off the Floor" Mika
-tragic break up song,really suitable for musicals.sounds a bit jazzy,but still Mika-ish if you know what i mean.also not much of my cup of tea,yet,this song is still a work of art.

overall: this whole album tells a story about teenhood,the stereotypes,the emotions,everything you need to know or have already known.stronger theme and melody in comparison to Life In Cartoon Motion.the songs are more matured in a way.well done meeks! i'm giving you 5/5 for this! now please come to malaysia for the asian tour ;p.

p/s: mix fm is having a contest offering the grand prize winner an all-expense paid trip to hongkong to catch mika live! so i'm giving it a shot.let's see if i'm lucky enough...

i see you..yes,you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Irony ..


i would like to begin this entry with a little laughter 'hahahahaha'.ok,i'm not crazy or anything,it's just that irony is so commonly related to laughter.ironic how something can change from one form to another.ironic how you can love doing something or merely love someone for a period of time and eventually feel nothing for them after a longer time.ironic how things tend to take a 360 degrees turn either drasticly or gradually.ironic how i used to fill this blog with all things beautiful and happy during the first 6 months of the year,then it transformed to a blog of sorrows during the second half of the funny as it sounds,i'm glad things are back to normal now,neither too happy nor too sad.again,God had always been emphasising on modesty in everything we do either connected to our religion (or in this case,for atheists,any faith you have) or otherwise.never luagh too much,never cry too much,never anticipate too much,never feel a little too hopeless.
that will be my new life principle,MODESTY.

the so-called humble one



i've watched the trailer..

“I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the planet. This beautiful planet is sick, like a fever. If we don’t fix it now then it’s at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have. It’s like a runaway train and the time has come. This is it. People always think: ‘Oh they’ll take care of it, the government; they will do it ‘they’ who? It starts with us. It’s us, or it’ll never be done.” - MJ

i've read the memorable and touching quotes..

"Oh, Yana. Trust me, it's really not about 'what could have been'. It's what is. It's what HE is. He's out there, dancing on the stars, sleeping in clouds, looking over all of us. Everyone has to leave sometime, and I think this was the perfect time for him. He went out on top, truly." - Icarus

i've read reviews..

and now..the moment i've been waiting for,a lifetime opportunity to see my childhood hero live (although not literally).went to malacca with my family and laila.had a wonderful lunch at dataran pahlawan foodcourt before going for a little shopping spree.eventually went off with laila and walked all over.spent heck a lot before the movie began(which was 3.10pm).booked the tickets 2days in advance via phonecall.

yes,i wore the infamous aviator shades,complete with the silver jacket i bought from badger the other day (i knew it would come in handy someday),black pants (no black shoes nor white socks,ripped them up already) and of course,MJ's major trademark,the single white glove (although mine isn't really diamond-studded like his).this made people call me Mrs Jackson.some even sang 'EAT ITTTT EAT ITTT NO ONE WANTS TO EAT IT EAT ITTT' at the's kinda fun being the center of attention sometimes.
on the way,i met an old friend,Ellynda,formerly a convent girl who's now in beauty did her a big favour considering her drastic improvement in looks.about the movie,i'll do comments for individual songs:

Here is the list of songs on Michael Jackson’s This Is It:

1. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
-as usual,this song kicks ass when the chorus began.his dance hasn't changed much despite his everybody freezing in an awe!

2. Jam (Remastered Version)
-i love this song ever since i was a kid! again,kick-ass that's all i'm saying!

3. They Don’t Care About Us (Remastered Version)
-remember his last rehearsal footage glimpse on tv?this is it,this song is it.there was a group of dancers dressed in modernised armour suits marching in front of a blue screen,the aftereffect was really amazing! they had cgi effects that multiplied 10 soldiers into a whole army! really amazing,the vocals,the riffs by orianthi,even the remix.

4. Human Nature Michael Jackson
watch this clip and you will know his passion (and sometimes sense of humor,LOL)

it made the whole audience laugh!

5. Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
-this one was amazing too!they had a movie clip back from the 60s where MJ was one of the stars.'twas spectacular.i expected him to mess up some of the dancesteps and yet again,he shut me up with his moves! it was as if he was 17 again,with the outlook of a 50-year-old man.

6. The Way You Make Me Feel (Remastered Version)
7. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (Remastered Single Version)
-undescribable,no words are able to describe these performances of his or what could have beeen

8. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Remastered Version featuring Siedah Garrett)
-Judith Hill and MJ wouldve made a great duet team! of course,eventually hated judith for staring into Mj's eyes such a way,haha.MJ usually rehearses by minimizing the usage of his vocals,which means he considers rehearsals as 'a rough idea of the final performance'.instead,the diligence of the whole team made him sang his heart out,which kinda pisses him off although slightly.

9. Thriller
-in my oppinion,thriller has the best special effects and gimmicks next to earth song and man in the mirror.all the dancers were made into zombies once again,just like in the video but with added special effects.MJ's dance in this song wasn't really as expected,but i still say he could perform well at the very least.

10. Beat It (Single Version)
-i'm amazed how his vocal projection has no difference when compared to the recorded version.i tried to find signs to investigate whether or not he was lip-synchronizing but i found no evidence at all! the arrangement was slightly altered so it's IMPOSSIBLE for him to do so.

11. Black Or White (Remastered Version)
-started off with the usual 'mischievous macaulay culkin' scene where mac was seen to have blasted his dad towards space with his electric guitar waves.the audience at the cinema,presumably first-timers of watching the black or white video,found it a new experience while in truth,MJ's been doing Black Or WHite in such a way since like forever! once again,vocal projection and stage presence are out of this world!

12. Earth Song (Remastered Version)
in contrast to Black Or White,this song also brings the message of world peace but it brought tears to the audience.beginning with the scene of a little girl who risked her life just to save mother nature,along with the destruction shown and MJ's little message before the show began had everyone weeping in regret.the message was transmitted well,if only it happened.

13. Billie Jean (Single Version)
-everyone thought it was from the 60s while actually it's from the 70s! yes wasn't that long ago and MJ still has it!

14. Man In The Mirror (Remastered Version)
-MJ's favourite part of the show.he will end this song by soaring into the air towards the audience before being jet-packed into space.

15. This Is It
-fantastic song,fantastic was touching..seriously...

overall: spectacular angle of MJ in his final days.he started his life as a performer and ended it the same way.his passion,the love,the coming together made the show worthwhile and it was a totally heartstopping final curtain call.indeed,he did his job well and may he rest in peace.may all the rumors about him finally fade away.god bless.his legacy lives on.

after the show,i decided to look for an MJ t-shirt so we moved to a shop called Inverno at mahkota parade.i found two shirts,Thriller and was a hard decision since both looked nice but finally i decided to get the TII tshirt that cost 79.90! wtf man.just as i was about to walk out,i saw mika's THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH! even with a free tote bag to,there goes 75% of my monthly allowance,spent them money on a Mika CD and Mike's TII shirt.ahhh my 2 michaels <3

went up to taming sari for a little view on Malacca before heading to a seafood's a view scenic shots i managed to capture before my camera battery went flat..

and here they retail outcome! LOL.

that's all i guess.stay tuned,all-mika post coming up.

crazy over Mika.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

100th POST!!


hee hee..hello people! i feel so alive today despite crying my heart out in class today since i got such bad grades (to be honest,it's average,not to the extent of failing anything but in my standart,it's totally bad!).enough about exams,let's talk about what's been happening to me lately for the past few days.

i met this amazing 12-year-old named Nabilah.we connected through facebook and eventually became like sisters.we share secrets,frequently meet eachother behind the field where i'll usually treat her for ice-cream.she's a sweet girl.we had a conversation on ym and decided to draw these:

and another one:

i call her 'Tiger Lily' coz she reminds me of this red indian princess in Peter Pan.

also,have i told you that Ariana Adnan from Couple is concern of my interest in guitars? :D here's a proof:

Happy 100th post to my readers and followers! :D

updates on TII in the next post.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & This Is It

i forgot to wish all of you christian friends of mine a very happy belated halloween!
if i were to celebrate (or having to choose a costume) i would SO go out in this:

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS! he's so mysterious and dark yet so humble,sweet and shy! he's my kind of guy :D

and i saw this article on yahoo..Halloween at Obama's :D

a few days ago,i was working on Chantelle's birthday surprise video (she's an MFC-er,also a die-hard fan of my peter pan) along with videos contributed by Niamh,Hui Kings and took quite a while and it was a lot of work and the outcome:

the girls loved it! and chantelle is so sweet! she wanted to cheer me up so she made me this video,it was a coincidence by the way <3

indeed,we may differ in races (me being a malay,Hui Kings is from China,Niamh & Hamaila are from Texas and Chantelle is form the UK) but we are all united as one and love eachother a lot.there is so much love and care on the MFC,which exactly explains how much i can't resist a day without being on the forum,MJ's thread in particular.if only the world is similar to what is on the forum,everyone united as fighting,the world would be a better place.

well anyway,having my exam now and will be catching TII this saturday with friends and family.planning to dress up like MJ.hmmm..let's see what i can find in my wardrobe.looking for white gloves and masking tape though..